Friday, February 3, 2017

Running Tights that Don't Fall Down

I wore running shorts and running skirts for several years.  Early on when I started running, I just didn't feel comfortable enough in my body to wear running tights.  When I did wear them, I often layered them with shorts or running skirts.

After several years of chaffing and rubbing, I decided that it was finally time to be comfortable and make runs even more enjoyable.  Slipping on a pair or running tights or leggings wasn't easy at first.  It was difficult finding the right size or brand that wouldn't fall down.  Sometimes, drawstrings didn't even help.  My weight also fluctuates a lot with my training, making things even more difficult.  There is nothing worse than finally having the ambition to go out for your run - only to have your tights fall down off of your midsection and constantly having to hike them back up.

Many of my clients ask which brands I wear.  Here's my list of favorite running tights that don't fall down.

  1. Fabletics - I order these online.  But I had gotten roped into a monthly shipment, which was quite difficult to get out of.  I also got some great deals at the Fabletics store at Mall of America.  These are my favorite running tights and capris.  But, it's been difficult to get my hands on more.  I purchased them on sale - between $25-$45 a pair.  Worth every penny and super cute fabrics.  I even have a couple pairs with lace that are super comfortable (and don't itch).  The bottoms I've purchased from Fabletics do not have a drawstring.
  2. Danskin - Walmart carries several different AFFORDABLE styles each season.  I always stock up on leggings there for $10-15 a pair.  They also come in different styles and lengths for each season.  You can find your basic black or lots of fun patterns with matching tops, tanks and sports bras.  Some have a drawstring, but I don't find I need them to stay in place.
  3. Avia - I also purchase these at Walmart.  They are priced a little more than the Danskin brand at $15-20.  But, they are obviously still an affordable option.  I will typically find a bottom and matching top to purchase as a set.  I also LOVE the stability of the Avia sports bras.  And their design looks cute layered under a tank.

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