Friday, February 3, 2017

a&b Fitness Concepts | Creating a Fit Life | Tone and Tighten Program Review

Becky from a&b Fitness Concepts in Sun Prairie also is the fitness enthusiast over at Creating a Fit Life.  Check out her awesome fitness programs and videos on her site and Facebook page, if you haven't already.  Becky and I help many of the same clients achieve their goals in Sun Prairie.

Becky invited me to participate in her 15 Day Tone and Tighten program.  

The program is designed to increase your strength and burn calories to get participants on the right path to a more toned body and improved fitness level.  Becky provided a full packet of resource materials to participants, including fitness and meal planning tips, links to her fitness videos and workouts, and a sample workout schedule.

Participants also received sliders, which I had never used before, as well as a workout band in a cute little bag.  With this equipment, participants received several workout programs to use the equipment.  The workout programs were easy to read and instructions were easy to follow.

This was a virtual program to be completed on your own and Becky provided a few group emails with links to videos over the duration of the program.  There was also a time set aside at the beginning of the program for participants to pick up materials from her studio and get their starting information and measurements.  Becky was also available for consultation and email/text support during the duration of the program.

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