Monday, March 3, 2014

Day Date at Artful Escapes

I  had purchased a Living Social Deal to a new painting studio in the Madison-area and we finally got around to using it on a recent kid-free weekend.  The hubby and I drove to Fitchburg to try out Artful Escapes.  The class was slated for 2 1/2 hours and I wasn't sure how we were going to fill an entire Sunday afternoon, painting a blank canvas.  But, we did.
The two instructors were great and the bridal shower at the tables nearby kept it entertaining.  Hubby was the only guy in the group, but he made the best of it.  I've seen a lot of photos on social media from the studio.  There are a lot of other guys participating in these classes as well.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  It was so therapeutic and relaxing.  It was nice just to sit down for once and get lost in something like this.  And, it did take us the full 2 1/2 hours to complete our paintings.  And the time flew by.  Loved this place - and we will be back.
Artful Escapes also has a bar with refreshments, to make this and even more fun outing!  This place would make a great venue for a girls night out, date night, bridal/bachelorette parties.  I also look forward to taking Little Diva sometime for a little mother/daughter time, as she loves to be artistic and creative.

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  1. I love art classes! Just posted about one of my own recently too. I find them REALLY therapeutic! I haven't convinced my husband to join me yet, so good for you!