Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Breaking in new shoes (and myself) for the season

On Friday, I headed out to my favorite trail, the Upper Yahara River Trail in DeForest.  It's not far from my house and the drive across town is worth avoiding another lap around the neighborhood.
The temperature read 50 degrees on the marathon mommy minivan and I was going to rock shorts and my compression socks. And a new pair of running shoes - comfy little pillows under my feet.  Yippy skippy!  I knew that I'd be the brightest one out on the trail, too.  Why blend in when you can stand out.
I got to the trailhead, and saw my friend, Dwight, turning around for the second four miles of his eight mile loop.  Great timing!
The first 2.5 miles of my five my loop went quickly, because we were chatting the entire time.  Dwight is training for an ultra - 100 miler and was starting ramp up his training that weekend, with three longer runs.  I was getting a little winded chatting with him with all of the hills on the path - monsters.  I have not been doing any hill work lately.  So, after he left to run home, I took the 2.5 miles back to the trailhead pretty darn easy.  I cranked my tunes and enjoyed the sunshine.
I ran out on this trail all winter last year and for some reason didn't venture out there at all this season.  Makes me a little sad.  I put in a lot more miles last year, as I was training for a spring full marathon.  And this year, I just did not have the dedication in me.  I ran outside with my running groups, and a few jaunts around my neighborhood.  Otherwise, it was running in place at the YMCA for me.  Treadmill running helps my speedwork, but I rarely mess with incline and cannot get past an hour or so on the machines right now.  My mental toughness is just not there indoors.
I would like to thank #SauconyPaul, my rep from Saucony for my newest pair of Mirage's.  Purple and neon yellow - fun!  I switched to Saucony Mirages last season and love them.  These have some breaking in to do, but I love how they fit me and my awkward size ten feet.  Thank you - they are going to carry me through hundreds of blissful miles this spring.

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  1. I wish the Mirages worked for me. I tried and tried but my arch just said no. I'm back to the Guide now after taking a year off from them.