Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Splashing around in puddles

The other day - in between classes, networking meetings, speaking engagements and running kids around in the marathon mommy minivan, I was able to fit in a nice 4.5 mile run - outside.  No hat.  No gloves.  Just two layers - and I overheated a bit.  It was an amazing feeling to get outside and put the miles in while the sun was out and the breeze was minimal.  The temperatures were in the 50's all day and it was awesome.  I saw people out in shorts, as they ran passed the piles of melting snow.  I'd pass people out on my route and everyone had a permanent smile on their face.  We were all feeling the same excitement. Like a cloud had been lifted.
It was nice not to have to worry about slipping on ice or dressing in layer-upon-layer.  Unfortunately all that snow was melting, causing puddles to take over the roads and the sidewalks.  It was kind of fun sloshing around and splashing in the unavoidable puddles.  My feet would get soaked and then they would dry, because of my awesome wicking socks and mesh shoes.  Over and over again.  I would have liked to run longer, but had to be responsible and head back home for work-related obligations. 
I'm looking forward to more weather like this later in the week - and I hope it sticks.  This winter has been a really rough one.  It's been the topic of discussion daily here.  And a lot of people experienced the winter blues more than ever this year.  If I hadn't been forced to do some running outside with my groups this winter and kept our gym membership for a couple of extra months, I'm not sure I would have survived with such a smile on my face.

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