Friday, February 28, 2014

Every father and parent wants their child to be happy

So, almost six months after I'm the new Mrs. A, my dad sends me along this beautiful speech he had prepared for our wedding day, back in September.  We were so busy running around with photos - and dancing and having a BLAST that no one had the opportunity to give speeches.  His words were just too beautiful not to share them in some public forum.  It's beautiful.  It's funny.  It's perfect.  It's us.

Every father and parent wants their child to be happy.

Every Father and parent wants their children to be happy and never stops worrying about them no matter their age.

So when Jamie was going through a tough time in her life  ,we were so happy she found a new passion in her life ….. no Joel I’m talking about running .

Jamie has fully involved this passion in her life , as many of you are aware by reading her blog and facebook page , and out of this passion has developed this strong and determine woman…. Where did she come from ???  As I recall her as a little girl in a school basketball game when I yelled at her to run and in the middle of the game she stopped , put hands on her hips and yelled back “I AM RUNNING”  I believe that was the last time I told her to run.

As time went on she would mention that she did meet this guy named Joel…. She introduced this Joel to her new passion  of running and seemed to be spending a lot of time together.

One night Jamie asked if we would meet this guy named Joel. Well as my daughters can contest, I am not the most receptive with new boyfriends. I was determined to be the tough father and let him know she was my daughter. We met that night and he shook my hand strong, but I believe I squeezed a little harder.   

After time, seeing Joel with Jamie and my grand kids . I could see a real love they have together , not only between Jamie and Joel  , but also for my grand children . Its hard to find a man that will love your daughter as much as you think that they should be loved , but to find someone that will love your  grandchildren as their own is something special .  I then realized I ACTUALLY LIKED THIS GUY.    

So I would like to make a toast, to Jamie and Joel . That thru this marathon of marriage, you help each other through the hard times up hills, sore feet and side aches,  but most important enjoy the downhill runs together to the finish.

MOM and I Love you both     


  1. that is so incredibly beautiful!

  2. oh -- that is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome dad!!!!!

  3. What an awesome speech. You can tell him that it choked me up! (and I don't even know you!) How sweet and thoughtful.