Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Results & Prizes ... Girls on the Run Virtual Race

I would like to thank everyone that participated in my one mile virtual race for Girls on the Run.

I decided to hold a one mile race, to encourage ALL runners (seasoned and new) to be involved. I hoped to encourage those seasoned runners to pick up the pace and see how fast they can run a mile and the new runners will be encouraged to push themselves to that one mile mark. Runners were asked to one mile on May 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20.

Participants that donated to my journey as a Sole Mate for Girls on the Run were eligible for prizes. My 26.2 mile journey was on May 30th and you helped me raise ......



You can read more about the Girls on the Run program HERE.

I completed my one mile race with both of my children along side me; Little Dude and Little Diva. Little Diva walked/ran along side me and Little Dude chilled in his car, while I pushed him along. We ran along the pedestrian path in my neighborhood, where I start all of my runs on. Both kids enjoy being involved in my running, whether it be outside or inside on the treadmill.

You can read all about my one mile virtual race with my kiddos HERE.

Aren’t their t-shirts adorable? You can snag your own from Family Fan Club gear HERE.


Thank you to everyone that signed up for the virtual race .....
donated to Girls on The Run .....
and got their families involved!!

Laura (HERE) - 8:06

Jane (HERE) - 13:34

Harmony (HERE) - Family Fun Run

Christina (HERE) - 10:32

Darlene (HERE) - 9:53

Also, thank you for your donation to the Virtual Race:

Nicole (HERE)

Amy (HERE)

Aimee (

Erica (


And, onto the prizes ……..

1st place: Laura
GoLite Hydroclutch Water Bottle and 2 Gu Gel Packets
2nd place: Darlene
GoLite Hydroclutch Water Bottle and 2 Gu Gel Packets

Best Running Diva Mom (or Dad!) Outfit: Jane
Pair of Ryders Eyewear Sunglasses and Protective Case

1st place prize for getting your family involved (chosen at random): Harmony
Gift Certificate to Family Fan Club HERE for any Family Fan Club shirt under $25

And just because .... you're "too cool" .... Christina
wins a Cooling Towel from Chill Towels!!

Everyone, please email me your mailing addresses to jamie dot edge at charter dot net and I will get your prizes sent out to you as soon as I can.


  1. Wow! I'm stoked! Can't wait to try that cool towel out. :)
    Thanks Jamie!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for the great idea! Happy to see you raised some significant cash!

  3. Yay! Thank you! This is the first time I've won something!:)
    I am also VERY excited because after my half marathon this weekend, I have been thinking that I need to get some sort of hydration to carry with me! It was hot and there were a few times when I NEEDED that aid station to come faster! Now I don't need to worry about it! THANKS SO MUCH and CONGRATS to everyone else who participated :)

  4. Great event - you did a good thing with this one (sorry I couldn't participate this time around)...

  5. Congrats all! I love these virtual races.