Sunday, May 23, 2010

Running Diva Mom's Virtual Race for Girls on the Run

Those of you that follow my journey will recall I announced back in April (HERE) that I would be a hosting a 1 mile virtual race that benefits Girls on the Run. Entry fee was only $1 and would benefit my journey as a Sole Mate for GOTR at the Madison Marathon on May 30th.

I really am grateful to everyone the entered and who has supported me along the way. If you haven't already done so, please post/email me your "race report". I have enjoyed everyone's posts and seeing how some of you have gotten your families involved! That makes me so incredibly happy!

A link to everyone's race reports and photos ... and the winners of the fantastic prizes!!! .... will be announced later this week.

I cheated a bit and ran our one mile race this morning. I couldn't really fit it in with my marathon training this week and all of the craziness life has thrown at us lately.

Little Dude and Little Diva fueling up with bananas.

Little Diva and her Diva-licious Handheld Water Bottle

Little Dude and Little Diva in matching Run Mommy Run Shirts
from Family Fan Club HERE

Little Dudes can wear Bondi Bands, too!

Loving my Run Like a Girl Top from
Family Fan Club HERE

Running Diva Mom and Little Diva
(High of 90 degrees today!!)

Running Diva Mom and Little Dude
(I L-O-V-E Running with him and his studly car!)

And we're off ....

Havin' a great time!

All 3 of us ... Cruisin' along

Fun Path in our neighborhood

She said, "Mommy, I'm feelin' good!"

We're Running Like a Girl ...
for Girls on the Run
I followed our one mile run with a 5K on the treadmill, with both of them playing along side me. Daddy was out on a 3 hour bike ride, training for his upcoming 1/2 Ironman. We spent 8 hours by the pool and sprinkler. I have a bit of a sunburn (they do not!). Little Dude went in the potty today. Thank you everyone for your wonderful, supportive comments regarding what life has thrown at us lately. Things were looking up today and hubby has several interviews and second interviewes lined up this week. We are hopeful. In the meantime, I'm enjoying getting outside with the kids and the extra free time I have with them, while tapering this week.
Read more about Girls on the Run HERE.
Visit my Sole Mates donation page HERE.


  1. LOVE the pictures! Your kids are adorable. Glad things seem to be looking up for your hubby.

  2. Ran the GOTR 5K this morning with my daughter and 5,998 other girls and their buddies in Northern Virginia. It was great, but a little wet.
    Enjoy the tapering.

  3. Cute posing in your family. I love your little guy wearing the bondi-band. Mine did the same thing today with a headband (he "just wanted to try it") and now wants me to buy one for him.

  4. aww the photos are so cute! I love the ones of Little Diva running w/her arms way up in the air!

  5. http://newbie2running.blogspot.com/2010/05/girls-on-run-1-mile-virtual-race-pr.html

    link to my race report


  6. The pics of the kids are so hilarious - they are so into it! I love it.

  7. Great pictures! And great news about your husband having some interviews coming up. Wishing him luck!!!

  8. Awesome news on the interviews.. Fingers crossed something comes up real soon for Hubby.

  9. Sounds like a great run! And wonderful photos too!

  10. She's so cute rocking her running skirt

  11. good job! Talented to take photos while running :D I don't think you could have a more beautiful running team!!

  12. I love your running pictures with your kiddos and you. Absolutely darling. I think kids really like it when their folks are just out there running around and spending time together. Those will be treasured memories.

  13. Great job on your virtual race and treadmill run.

    Glad to hear that your husband has got some leads and I hope it turns out to be a blessing in disguise for you all.

    Enjoy the taper.

  14. Great pictures! It looks like you all had so much fun!

  15. Love the clothes! My 2 year old got a shirt that says "My Mommy Runs Faster Than Your Mommy" from the Indy Mini. :)

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