Monday, May 31, 2010

Madison Marathon Race Report

The family and I headed to the Dane County Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and then headed to Alliant Energy Center for the 2010 Madison Marathon Expo. I headed to the full marathon packet pick up.

Then I grabbed my technical top .......

Then the four of us shopped around the expo. It was a decent size for a modest sized race. I stopped by the Bondi Band booth but had self-restraint since we are currently on one income. There were also some exhibitors that I hadn't heard of and saw some cute running skirts.

The 26.2 mile course in 7 1/2 minutes
You can watch the video HERE.

The kids posing with their milk mustaches


Fuel for pre-race and during race and all my gear.
I had purchased my 4:20 pace bands from
Races 2 Remember HERE.
They also sent me a an adorable My Names Race Day Bib HERE.
(Thanks, Molly!!!)

The stylish outfit!
The evening before the race, hubby started feeling sick, but still headed out for a run in the heat. He came home and spent the rest of the night in the bathroom tossing his cookies and slept on the couch. I was wondering if I was going to have to go to the race all alone. I put Little Dude to bed early at 7:30 and he was out by 8:00. Little Diva slept with me and we were out by 8:30. Had a fabulous night's sleep!
I woke up at 5:00 am, just before the alarm went off. I felt rested and ready to race!

Race day morning around 5:45.
Packing up last minute stuff for the kids!

We met up with some friends on the Capitol Square around 6:30. She had access to her office and nice, clean bathrooms with no lines!! I went twice and we headed to the start line with 3 mins to go, as the National Anthem was being sung. It was probably good that we didn't get to the start too early, because otherwise my stomach would've been in knots. I felt ready!! We started at 7:00.
Here I am at the Finish Line, that I hoped to see again in about 4 1/2 hrs!

Some shots of the Start Line some time after the full marathon had started.

2010 Madison Marathon Course Map HERE
We ran around the Captiol Square and headed west towards the Arboretum. Some people find it boring, but I really enjoy it. It's so peaceful. Men were darting off left and right into the woods to release their bladders. I had to go at this point, but didn't want to stop to use the restroom. I ended up forgetting about it after 6 miles in and never had to go again the entire race.
We headed out of the Arboretum and down Monroe Street (where I saw my best friend), past Camp Randall (UW Badgers Football Stadium) and towards campus. I was approaching a a pace group, that I thought was 4:15. I thought, WOW, slow down ... since I was hoping to finish in 4:20-4:30. Come to find out it was 4:10. YIKES!!! I was either going to do very well, or kill myelf very early.
Then we ran up Observatory Drive. Usually, the races in Madison run up Observatory Drive, but in the opposite direction ... and it's hell. So, I thought this would be a piece of cake. WRONG! Running west up Observatory was more gradual and there were more inclines. What a beast!
We headed East out of Campus and past the Captirol Loop. I knew my family would be waiting for me around mile 11 ... and they were!

I gave my husband, daughter and father-in-law a high five at mile 5 and my hubby said "WOW, you're going to fast" (jokingly!). I was feeling awesome, just behind the 4:10 pacers still.
We headed towards Tenney Park and the race officials were announcing the half marathoners go right and full marathoners go left. There weren't many half marathoners with us at this point.
I looked ahead and saw this sign .....
At the same time, the guy with the megaphone read my race bib and said "great job, Jamie!" And I screamed with all I had ... and saw Linda (Mom Running From Cancer HERE). The race official said "WOW, SHE's feeling great! Where did that come from?!".
I knew Linda would be at Tenney Park, but I was so touched that she was there with her camera taking photos and decorated a sign just for me. I started crying and thanked her. It meant so much!!!!
Then I rounded the corner and a bit later, I heard "Great pace, Jamie, keep it up!". Linda was following me on her bike and gave me encouragement for about the next mile. She stopped and took some more photos after we passed the Governor's Mansion. She headed home and off to church and made my day!
Maple Bluff is a more mature neighborhood and a bit shaded. The hills were mountainous and killed me. I saw the Girls on the Run Water station at mile 14.5. This hill was killing me! I yelled out the director's name and they all started cheering for me.

I finally reached the top of the hill and headed around Maple Bluff Country Club. No more shade here and another huge incline to get to Mile 15 and turn the corner. I started hitting a wall and wanted to walk. I just told myself that I had to get up that hill. I did and went to the water station and then walked through it.
The next 5 miles are a bit of a blur. I felt like quitting. The water stations were spaced out approximately every 1 1/2 miles and I just kept telling myself that I needed to get to the next water station and I'd let myself walk for about a minute or so. And, that's what I did.
I ran with my GoLite Hydroclutch and am glad I did. I stuffed it with 3 Gu packets and picked up Gu along the entire course and just kept refilling the pouch. After I ran out of my Gatorade int he bottle, I kept filling it with ice, which turned into slushy water within minutes and was just what I needed. I also took Gatorade and water at every water station and dumped a cup over
my head. I ran through about a dozen sprinklers, too.
I heard ambulances and fire trucks the entire second half. People were laying along side of the road moaning, grabbing their legs, strangers were fanning runners as they laid in the grass. It was a terrible site.

As I got to mile 21.5 I saw my father-in-law. He cheered me on and told me that hubby and the kids were at mile 22. I grabbed some water there, as we approached the Madison Monona Terrace and Lake Monona. At the water station they were literally yelling, "STOP RUNNING". (The course was closed at this point, but I didn't know.).
I saw hubby and the kids as I was walkign with my ice and water and Little Diva said "Run Mommy!". So, I did ........

We ran around Lake Monona and Monona Bay. I was actually feeling much better at this point, which I would've thought was worse?! They kept telling people to walk and hydrate. I didn't know the clock had stopped. I never saw a mile marker for Mile 24 and was wondering how long this mile was really going to take me. I asked the guy next to me (who had a Garmin) where we were exactly and he said 24.7 .... I said, "Well, that makes me feel much better!!!".
I walked throught he last water station as we approached the huge hill up West Washington towards the Capitol. Someone filled my water bottle with ice and it melted immediately. My water bottle sloshed up and down as I dragged myself up that hill. I passed everyone, because they were walking. I saw a neighbor at mile 26 and said "I so needed you here; thank you!!!". She and my daughter's playmates cheered me on.

My little fan club

The finish line as they're waiting for me to come in

I got to the top of the hill and ran 1/4 way around the Capitol and saw my family cheering me on. I kicked it into high gear and had a HUGE smile on my face as I approached the finish line. I approached several people that were walking to the finish line. I crossed and looked down at my watch and saw .....

Well within my 4:20 - 4:30 Goal
And, I PR'd by 10 minutes from marathon #1
(despite the hills and the conditions!)

Happy to be inside an air-conditioned office building
with my finisher's medal in hand

Gulped down a Diet Mountain Dew (yum!)

I didn't find out until after the race that the clock was stopped at 4:00 and now heard on the news that they indeed CLOSED THE COURSE!! They kept the aid and water stations open and let people finish. But they had buses available to pick you up (which I wasn't aware of, pretty much made you walk and hydrate and didn't want you to try to "beat the clock" and shoot for time goals.)
You can read the news article and watch the video describing the heat conditions HERE.

The timing system is also having major problems with getting the results posted. Most times weren't posted and most that were posted, were posted incorrectly. Still waiting for my exact time and placement. Although, I'm just really happy I finished ... and within my goal!


  1. Nice job on your marathon! I would of been elated with your time:) My first marathon is coming up in October...I am running the Twin Cities Marathon. I was thinking about doing the Madison Mini in August but it depends on my hubby's schedule.

    This was a great race report full of fun pictures! Your outfit was great...love it:) Congrats on a fantastic finish!

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  13. congrats!
    I was there. I finished in 3:02. It was a tough day. I did not know they closed the course until later that night. Mile 16~17 was when things started to get really hairy. I think it's because the shade was gone and the headwind started to pick up and get hotter.

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