Monday, May 10, 2010

22 Miles D-O-N-E on Mother's Day ... Zensah Bra Review

Mother's day was supposed to start with the alarm going off at 6:00AM, but I reset the alarm about 2 hours before it was set to go off. Then I tossed and turned and ended up getting up shortly after 6:00 anyway. The sun was shining, but deceiving. It was only 38 degrees outside, there was frost on the rooftops and on the ground. Brrrr ..... I decided to wear my hot pink Recovery Socks instead of my regular running socks, so that my legs would stay warm. I debated whether I should switch to a long sleeve shirt or light jacket, but stuck with the original ensemble that I had laid out the night before. I fueled up with breakfast and dressed in my Nike shorts, short sleeve Sole Mates technical top, and new pink Zensah seamless running bra and headed out for 22 miles. Less than five minutes into my run, my fingers were numb and my upper body was freezing. I turned around in the deadend and headed back home. I changed into a long sleeve top and headed back out.

Temps Sunday morning .... very chilly start:
mile 1 - 38 degrees
mile 8 - 46 degrees
mile 20 - 54 degrees

The next 6 miles were very chilly and uncomfortable with the wind blowing in my face. I began to wonder how I would do if whether wasn't 100% ideal on race day in three weeks. I started doubting myself. I really hate the first hour of a long run. I doubt myself a lot, dread the long journey ahead of me, struggle with gear, look for a comfortable breathing pattern, etc. I isn't until after that first hour that I start feelin' good. And really enjoy what I'm doing, reminding me why I put myself through this torture over-and-over again.
Around mile 8 I ran past a bank that read 46 degrees. I downed a Gu vanilla bean gel. I was feeling warmer, heading out of my neighborhood on a new pedestrian path and into the sun. I was feeling great! I swear I must've had a smile on my face at this point.

I passed through four busy intersections, along the path. I'm new to getting out of my neighborhood and my comfort zone. I'm use to doing 2 or 3 big loops to equal the distance of 20 miles+. It is so much fun venuring to new areas of my city, discovering new paths, beautiful scenery, parks for the kids, new businesses and neighborhoods, seeing other runners venturing in or out of my neighborhood who I greet with a friendly wave. It's been really nice to pass the time with new scenery this season. I really don't enjoy running through the busy intersections and waiting for the stop light to change in my favor. I have been running in place, as I see it as me "cheating" if I stop. People seem to stare at me like I'm strange, but whatever. I downed a second and third gel at hours 2 and 3. I also chewed on Sports Beans over the entire run.

I passed the bank again around mile 20, as I headed home and it read 54 degrees. It was about 10:15 and I already had 20 miles under my belt -- woo hoo! I saw people heading out for Mother's Day brunch and I passed the diner in my neighborhood. I get famished on a long run, but never would call myself hungry. I was definitely hungry at this point and smelling pancakes and bacon were making me crave the cinnamon rolls that I was going to have with the kids when I arrived home!!!

22 mile after workout glow

I ran the entire 22 miles
(minus my stop for a costume change 5 minutes in!) without stopping! I felt greatly confident upon my return home to the adorable little people waiting to greet me when I got home and shower me with handmade projects! I had a huge smile on my face when I opened the front door and my husband say, "WOW, and she's even smiling .... I never looked like that after a 22 mile run!".

I had 22 miles of peace-and-quiet Mother's Day morning!!! And, let me tell you ... it wasn't quiet after I returned home at 10:40 AM!

I was greeted at home with a ton of handmade cards, projects and dixie cup flowers. I also received a geranium in a pot handmade by my Little Diva and Little Dude. I also got a one-year membership to Team Sports Beans, which include all of these fabulous goodies!! I'm a Sports Beans fanatic, though I also fuel with several different brands of energy gel, chewables and such.

Then, I had my cinnamon rolls with the kids, showered, cleaned up the house, dropped Little Dude off at my in-laws and met up with my family and my other in-laws at Little Diva's dance recital #2 of the weekend, watched 2 1/2 hours of other kids dancing on stage, watched 2 minutes of my own child dancing, picked up Little Dude and got a pizza to-go and chowed down! I bathed the kids, put them in bed at 8:00 and I apologized to my husband that I was exhausted and went to bed at 8:30 PM!!!! I was out within 5 minutes.

And .........
About the Zensah Seamless Running Bra

As I mentioned earlier, I tried out the Zensah Seamless Running Bra for the first time on this long 22 mile run. I'm usually skeptical about trying anything new during a race or on a long training run. But, it was too cold to wear one of my technical tanks with a built-in bra and I needed to wear a bra under my technical shirt on Sunday. So, I decided to give the bra a try.

Zensah said that they have "developed the most comfortable running bra in the world". And, they may just be right! I loved it. Whenever I have run with other sports bras, I get chaffing underneath (even with using anti-chaffing sticks). I never had chaffing underneath, or anywhere else. Nothing irritated me, no itching, scratching, etc. The girls stayed in place the entire time and I never had to adjust it. With other running bras, I get gaps underneath or the bra shifts as I sweat and "soak through" a bra. I never had that problem the entire 22 miles and I came home without any chaffing or bleeding under my chest yesterday. It was great!!
Oh, if I could only look like this!

I usually wear a 36 C and took a Medium/Large and it fit PERFECTLY!
Size Chart:
S/M: 32ABC - 34AB
M/L: 34ABC - 36AB

The bra comes in black, pink, baby blue, green and white.

Visit Zensah online at: http://www.zensah.com/


  1. 22 miles! niiiiiice! great job! that is awesome!

  2. I had a 22.2 miler over the weekend, too! Glad we both felt so awesome! Yay!

    That bra sounds great. I love finding new stuff that works well for long runs.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

  3. Great job on the 22 miler! Gah...this weather has been so crazy. We woke up to snow! Yuck. Happy belated Mother's Day. Looks like you had a great one.

  4. What a great run! Loved your post because I can so relate about my long runs. I am in such a bad mood in the beggining and then I have to check out so I don't think about whats in front of me. So nice ending a great run like that and having a SMILE! Great job!

  5. Great way to spend your Mother's Day morning! Getting a little alone time so you can appreciate the kiddos all the more.

  6. Sounds like a great Mother's Day! Nice job on the run!

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  8. You look awesome after 22 miles...great job!!

  9. Great job! You look pretty great for someone who just finished 22 miles! Sounds like a busy but lovely Mothers Day!

  10. what a great day! 22 miles is HUGE!

  11. Holy cow. I have 20 coming up. I hope it goes this well...and it's warmer. :) Happy MOther's Day!

  12. Sounds like an incredible run! :D

  13. great job on completing 22 miles!! you looked great afterward! Hope you had a fabulous Mother's day! i have a giveaway on my blog and i think its something you and/or your daughter would like! its pink and sparkly!
    have a terrific Tuesday!

  14. What is this bra like in the back? The one seamless bra I got from Title 9 hooks in the back and chafes. Does it have a hood or typical sport bra back? I would love to try it if it is seamless with no hooks.

  15. Knowing that there was going to be cinnamon rolls at the end of a run would get me out on a early one!
    Nice job on your run!
    Before you know it we will all be complaining that it's too hot!

  16. Great job on the 22! Love the crafts your kids made. I had no idea Zensah made bras!

  17. Way to rock mother's day like a stud!

  18. Great job on your run! You are such an inspiration!

  19. Oh my. I can't imagine having to run for an hour before I can smile again. Right now it's only the first 15 minutes but then my longest is 8.56 miles. (Must get the .06 part in there as well. It counts!) Congrats on winning the mental game as well as the physical!

    Anyway, so the bra - how the bounce factor? The price is nice and I may just get one but I hate it when the girls bounce around. I wear a 36C, too.

  20. Wow! You look great after 22 miles! Love the handmade Mother's Day gifts!

  21. That is awesome...including your 5 minutes that you scrapped to get more clothes!

    22 miles is a foreign concept for me at the moment... I think after doing a couple 6+ mile runs, that 10 miles is the next decent sized goal for me.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  22. You are amazing! 22 miles and still smiling at the end - awesome! Great job on your run, you're going to do so well at the marathon!

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