Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap - Huge Accomplishments

As the end of June is near, I really wanted to make sure I surpassed another 100 miles for this month. I'm a little down that my mileage is so low this month, but my marathon was less than one month ago. I also got on the scale this weekend (after being absent for awhile with my weigh ins) and I'm up seven friggin' pounds from marathon day. I have about 1/3 of the miles in this month and have been eating more JUNK than ever before. We're still trying to stretch our dollar to make ends meet and have been eating a lot of junk and I've been comforting myself with (baked) potato chips by the bagfull and ice cream. I'm also finding comfort in indulging in free treats (family gatherings, treat desk and leftovers at work, etc -- all things I usually avoid).

Despite how I may be feeling about my weight right now ... this weekend was AWESOME! The kids hit some great MILESTONES!!! The weekend was actually very relaxing and we really didn't have much planned. So, it was really great to focus on these goals and work together on seeing it happen.
  • Little Diva FINALLY learned to ride her bike (age 6 1/2)
  • Little Dude is doing VERY well with no diapers during the day; several days with no #1 accidents (age 2 1/2)
  • Little Diva can go down the big kid slide at the pool

  • Took the kids to pick strawberries ... sweet success!
  • Enjoyed ice cream at our local creamery, Sassy Cow (HERE). They have great toy tractors (green and pink!) for them to play around on.
  • Hit up a few garage sales for the little people for next season.
  • Hit the dead-end in our neighborhood for night #2 without training wheels. Needed a bit less assistance.
  • Watched "It's Complicated" and liked it.
  • 4 miles with the kids on the treadmill
  • Little Dude had NO #1 accidents and a few #2 accidents (second week of no diapers during the day)

  • Sitter arranged (free grandparent!) for all day date with the hubby
  • Visited the local farmer's market and loaded up on squeaky cheese curds, snow peas, broccoli, baked goods
  • Stopped somewhere new downtown for lunch, Brickhouse BBQ (atmosphere was nicer than expected; food was average; prices were higher than we expected for a "lunch menu").
  • Window shopped and picked up some frozen yogurt at TCBY
  • Stopped at the cheap seat theater and saw "Date Night". Laughed myself to tears at a few points.
  • 5K on the treadmill with Little Dude
  • Little Dude went on the potty every hour and pretty much only had #2 accidents
  • Little Diva did MUCH better on her bike, though she is still having difficulty starting or stopping. Able to go up to a 1/2 mile without assistance.
  • Watched "Athlete" (HERE). The movie was good as I related to some of it, but it was more about the athletes and their stories (per the name, I guess), rather than their journey. This was not at all in the same caliber as "Spirit of the Marathon" (HERE). It didn't give me the "chill factor" or bring me to tears like the SOTM did. SOTM is what motivated me to sign up for the Chicago marathon in 2008, because of the feelings and motivation it gave me. Athlete was also all over the place. The video footage was choppy and the interviews cut in and out constantly. It was hard to follow the stories or enjoy it. I did enjoy identifying with the athletes and understanding their 4:30 AM wake up calls on race morning and watching what the ate before they headed out the door before dawn and hearing the birds chirping during the quiet morning. But, I definitely won't be watching it again. Unless I get into some sort of a rut this Winter or something. It was on hubby's Amazon.com Wish List and I had bought it a few months back and stored it away for Father's Day.

  • 12 miles in the humidity and sun; a little sunburned!
  • Little Dude pretty much went potty every hour and had a few accidents when I didn't hear the timer go off. My fault, not his. Still having #2 accidents.
  • Not diggin "True Blood" as much this season.

  • 5K on the treadmill with both kids
  • Little Dude had 4 #2 accidents, no #1 accidents today!
  • Picnic in the park with the kiddos
  • Rewarded the kids with a trip to Target. She chose a basket, water bottle and kick stand for her ride (bike); he chose the Nick Jr assortment of little man underpants
  • First visit to the local aquatic center. Little Diva could go down the big kid all by herself this year. She was all smiles! Little Dude fell asleep on my chest, under a blanket, while we cuddled in a lawn chair. Pure bliss!
  • Dinner at my in laws (this has a become a very nice weekly event!)
  • Little Diva did AWESOME on her bike! She ran with me on a little 2 mile jaunt around our neighborhood path. I'm sooo incredibly proud of her! And, I have a new buddy for my runs!!

What did you enjoy this weekend??


  1. Both my husband and I PR'd at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon! Colin dropped his time by almost 12 minutes and I came in almost 5-1/2 minutes faster (8min-ish if I can use my HRM time to account for pit stop).

  2. That is an awesome weekend. WTg with the bike riding and potty training.

  3. Sounds like you definitely had a great weekend!

  4. Glad to hear all of the good things from the weekend! Just keep your chin up, get the miles in, and don't worry about the weight :)

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. And squeaky cheese curds! I am envious -- most people down here in Florida don't know just how good that is. :)

  6. Awesome and busy weekend for you.
    I ran, golfed, ran, golfed...
    my house is suffering big time.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love reading about the milestones of the kiddos! I did a 10 mile run with a friend this weekend and loved it! We even acted like kids afterwards and when down the slide at the playground in the Metroparks!! Also when to a birthday party and saw lots of great friends we don't get to see often!

  8. I watched It's Complicated with my girlfriends on my NYC trip and we laughed a ton but we are in the age range! My favorite character though was the daughter's fiance. Loved him!

    Congrats to your kiddos on their accomplishments!

  9. strawberries sound soo good right now!!
    tell Little Diva congrats on riding the bike! Big life accomplishment right there.

  10. Those are awesome accomplishments! Congrats to all! After hearing several people this week mention Spirit of the Marathon, I think I might just have to track it down!

  11. Chips and ice cream. You win!

    And sounds like it's Independence Week for your kids, fittingly enough. Good luck with both efforts, there's no better feeling than seeing your kid's expression: 'I did it all by myself.'

  12. Sounds like a great weekend!

    We hit up the farmer's market, had some friends over for dinner on Saturday, and had Jamoosh from Last mile lounge over for dinner on Sunday. It was a nice weekend.

  13. Sounds like a great weekend!

    I got in a 10 mile run and that's about it :)!

  14. I'm feeling your pain with the weight that ooops added on! I just keep hearing myself saying, "Sure I'll have a bowl of ice cream!" It will fly off for you! Sounds like a great family weekend! That's what mine was...enjoying family, laughter, the beach, and love!!!

  15. I don't have kids so I can only imagine, but I remember how big of a deal it was when I started to learn how to ride a bike. Too awesome!

  16. I loved watching my oldest learn to ride his bike. It gave him such a feeling of independence and power and me such a feeling of freedom. Now, we're going through it again with my second child and those same emotions are still surfacing.

    Don't worry about the mileage and weight. You just finished a marathon. Your body needs time to recover and, then, you'll be right at it again.