Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am thankful for running.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am obviously thankful for my family, friends and my health. But, I am also thankful for running. It's more than just the physical benefits that have made me fall in love with it.

Here are the top five reasons I am thankful for running:

1. I run for me. I am teaching my children that it is ok to do something for yourself and that an active and healthy lifestyle. Running has also taught ME that it is ok to do something for myself.

2. Cool couple. It has given my husband and I a common interest. I honestly don't know what we had in common before we took up this hobby/routine? Whether we are running together, in a race together or cheering one another on, I think that it has brought us closer in so many ways. We love sharing our goals, training plans and race reports.

3. We're tourists. It has given our family a reason to travel around the country and in the Midwest. We have given our children so many more experiences than they would have had otherwise. We've scheduled destination races and then found local activities and landmarks, that incorporate the whole family.

4. Bring it on. Running has encouraged me to take on challenges and embrace them. It has made me realize that I really can do almost anything, if put my mind to it. I was always shy as a kid and didn't take on sports or other activies, for fear of embarrassment and failure. I love that when you're running in a 5K, you are surrounded by runners young and old and people of all shapes and sizes and experience. It's so cool to be running in the same event as professionals. Where else can you do that?

5. Social-networking. Running has been a great key in social-networking. I've reconnected with old friends, met new ones, discovered new companies and organizations and have created this lovely, little blog. It has also helped me inspire friends and family in some way.

What are the top five reasons YOU are thankful for running/exercise?


  1. DivaMom - I was thinking the very same thing tonight, when I was running on the trails. The sun was setting and the first stars were starting to twinkle, and I was one with the Lord. Great feeling, being thankful for being able to stay fit and run.

  2. You are lucky your husband shares your interest! I love that it got me back outdoors- I appreciate the world around me on a different level now.

  3. Freedom! More energy! Strength and just for fun! I agree with all of your thoughts too...we're blessed to be runners!