Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Goals for Tyranena Beer Run (Half Marathon)

So, Saturday is my fifth and last half marathon of the 2009 racing season. And, Jason and I are doing it together. I believe this is only our second time racing together this season.

We're both doing the Tyranena Beer Run (half marathon route) in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. Ironically, I don't drink beer (have never even managed to down a can of beer in my lifetime). So, I guess he'll be getting my beer tickets after that race!!

Tyranena Beer Run:

My half marathon PR is 1:55:59. I'm trying not to set high goals for myself, but would at least like to set a new personal record, no matter what that number may be. I would be absolutely ecstactic going sub 1:56 again.

I'm a little nervous, because being the multi-tasking mom that I am ... I have done most of training inside on the treadmill, while I'm home with my kids. I can't even remember the last time I ran outside, or did hills. However, I believe that running 12 miles on the treadmill has really pushed me mentally. And, I believe that I set a much faster pace on the treadmill and manually increase my mileage more-and-more over my training runs.

This is my first time doing this race and November is seasonably chilly here in Wisconsin. I believe it may have even flurried last year for this race?! Surprisingly, Saturday's forcast is now 62 degrees!! I can only pray that the forcast doesn't change, that the sun comes out, and that my entire family is healthy, come Saturday morning!!

The little guy was hit with H1N1 this week, and I'm just hoping that the rest of us don't get it by the weekend. Jackson appears to be on the up-side of things and the fever is already gone today. He is in much better spirits this morning.


  1. Sorry to hear about the little guy and glad he is feeling better!!!

    As for your Half , I am sending healthy, good weather and PR vibes your way! Run your best race and have fun!!!!

  2. Hope your son recovers quickly! Stay well!

    Hope you get that sub 1:56 you're wanting! Yes, running 12 TM miles is tough. You'll do great!

  3. Oh no, I hope Jackson feels better...there's nothing worse!
    Good luck on your race and your time, I hope you feel great and warm and healthy on that day! I love racing with my husband, you'll have fun!

  4. Oh, hope the little guy feels better soon!

    I was looking at doing the Tyranena Race, but I always do the 5K race at the Zoo (Jingle Bell Run for arthritis) and they coincide on the same day. Last year it snowed, so the thought of it being 62 is a little mind bending!

    Good luck on hitting a PR - that is an awesome time, and speaking as someone who did a lot of training on the treadmill for her last half, you can DEFINITELY do it. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Jackson appears to be much better now. I'm just fearful that we'll all get it. I'm realizing that as much as I plan and I plan, that "life just happens".