Thursday, June 9, 2016

Momentum Jewelry; The Motivate Wrap Review

I'm so in love with my new MOTIVATE WRAP from Momentum Jewelry! I was able to pick my color and my motivational phrase and everything. Momentum Jewelry creates an array of pieces that MOVE YOU.  I loved picking out my own phrase ... BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!

This wrap/bracelet is super comfy. The t-shirt material is a great combination with my active wear. It's like fine jewelry's version of "comfy clothes".  Each wrap goes around the wrist 4-6 times and are non-bulky and light. They tie in the back, which I adore.  There is so much jewelry on the market, but these are UNIQUE.
The Motivate Wraps come in so many different colors and phrases.  Everyone can identify with one.   At around $19 per wrap, these make great gifts, teachers gifts, coaches gifts - or a gift for yourself!  Think of including some in holiday stockings and Easter baskets, too.  Give someone special in your life a little extra motivation today.  Everyone could use a little boost (or a cheerleader) every now and then.

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  1. That's really a beautiful & inspirational piece! Thanks for sharing about Momentum Jewelry! :)