Thursday, June 9, 2016

Here we go, on another wild adventure

I absolutely love running with this kid.  Running with her makes me motivated to get out the door.  And, what mom doesn't like multi-tasking??!!  It's special time together, I'm getting in my workout, we're exploring together and she usually gets in a short cat nap.  I don't dread pushing her in the jogging stroller either, because 1) She absolutely loves it., and 2) The BOB jogging stroller that we purchased is easy-peasy to push.  I can honestly say that sometimes I forget that I'm running and get that runner's high and even with her in tow, I forget that I'm pushing a stroller.  It just glides across the pavement.  It turns with ease.  And all of comforts - and my kiddo - are at my fingertips.
Mini Diva just sits in the stroller and looks at all of the scenery.  At the start of each run, she tends to hold onto the straps - perhaps to say "Here we go, on another wild adventure!".  I love showing her our neighborhood and small town on foot.  We are going to see so much together over the years.  She always drifts off to sleep within the first mile and I love seeing her little, bare piggies peeking out from the front of the stroller.
I'm so thankful for my beautiful child and my older two children.  I'm thankful for this amazing sport that I'm so passionate about.  And I feel so blessed that both things that bring me such happiness can be enjoyed simultaneously.  It makes life that much more beautiful.  My heart is so full.

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