Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ten today. Eighteen tomorrow.

Well, big news!  I signed up for Madison Marathon, scheduled for November 9.  That's exactly three months from today.  I declared after the New Year that I would NOT commit to training for another 26.2 mile event this year.  But, I am.  As some of my training groups have come to a close, I really have felt that I need something for me.  Something to commit to.  Something to force me to run longer than nine or ten miles.  My husband is running two marathons this fall (his third and fourth marathons since he was bit by the running bug in 2012).  I have been doing most of his longer runs with him anyway, so we might as well wrap-it-up with a 26.2 mile run together on a kid-free weekend in November. 
I am looking forward to it.  And so is he.
He ran a boatload of miles in Dallas, while he was out of town for work the past two weeks.  I have been slacking a bit and running minimally, other than my coaching miles (once or twice almost daily).  This weekend, was going to kick-start my running for fall and we have ten miles on tap for Saturday and eighteen planned for Sunday morning.  This is really going to test my commitment to MYSELF.  The weather has been absolutely beautiful in Madison the past few weeks.  Beautiful mornings.  Beautiful days.  Beautiful nights. 
We planned to run ten miles this morning after Little Dude's final baseball game.  We headed back home for a few last-minute adjustments prior to our run, including having me change from a technical tee into a tank top.  I am really glad that I did.  We filled up our handheld water bottles and were off.
Around 10:30, we ran from our home on a ten mile route across town.  It was already getting pretty warm and there were a lot of other runners on foot this morning.  I had ran this route on my own a few weeks back and had one of my slowest runs - EVER.  It took me 1:45 to run ten miles.  I followed the next day with a 1:30 ten mile race.  Every run is different.  What would today bring?
The sun was warm and we had minimal shade on our route.  On the way back, we stopped at the library to towel off and refuel our empty handheld water bottles.  Hubby tried out his new Saucony's, which he regretted and will not be using tomorrow on such a long run.  I felt great.  I felt a little slow at first and my watch definitely reflected those sporadic miles where I felt zapped with energy.  But a few sips of water, a great running tune with a consistent beat, and a positive attitude kept me going and helped me increase my footwork.
We stopped at ten miles about two blocks from our home, enjoyed a cool down walk, some stretching on our deck and a Diet Mountain Dew, Powerade Zero and a plate of chips, guac and raspberry salsa.  I am always craving my DMD and some salt after a good, hot run.
Ten today.  Eighteen tomorrow.

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