Friday, August 22, 2014

Scale vs Inches

The marathon training miles have been adding up. The diet has been pretty clean. I'm eating breakfast daily. I'm drinking tons of water. And, I'm still allowing myself indulgences. My body is CHANGING! I'm seeing a difference. I'm feeling a difference. But, I'm no longer seeing a difference on the scale. The best part is that I feel comfortable in my clothes right now. Not as much pulling and tugging on clothing to cover my midsection. I'm wearing more shorts, more fitted tops and more tank tops. Some things are FITTING again - or for the first time. Marathon training - and having a plan - really inspire me to be an all-around healthier version of me!

How do you feel when the scale doesn't move?If you lose inches vs weight - are you truly satisfied? 
Or, do you still wait for that scale to budge??

Love this top from Handful.

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