Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mileage for October

Well, October was both eventful ... and uneventful.

I finished a marathon at the beginning of the month and set a PR by 25 minutes. At the end of the month, I finished a half marathon and earned a PR by over one minute. This was my first time going sub-two hours in a half since racing at the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past March. I was also able to run consistent, low miles and still log over 100 miles again this month. Huge success.

On the down side, I was exhausted from marathon training and followed absolutely NO training plan this month. My only "long" run between the two races was a six miler on the treadmill. This was my second lowest mileage month for the year. With no training program and Halloween candy in the house, I have gained about five pounds. I feel exhausted, slow, icky and bloated.

How will I fix this for November?!
  • Develop a modest training program for the month and post it somewhere visible -- CHECK
  • Get rid of the tempting Halloween candy and let the kids pick out their favorites -- CHECK
  • Hop on the scale, record the number, and realize that the number is only going down from here -- CHECK

October: 105.9
September: 132.1
August: 158.9
July: 150.5
June: 101.8
May: 163.9
April: 145.2
March: 115.9
February: 116.7
January: 132.5

Total for 2010: 1,323.3

Miles 'til 1,400 mileage goal: 76.7

1 Long Run in October: 13.1 miles

Apparently, I'm not the only one exhausted this month.


  1. Um, don't forget you were also sick part of October! You used a lot of energy getting yourself feeling well again, so don't beat yourself up too much on the lack of training plan.

    Cute picture of your son!!!

  2. sounds like you've got a good plan!
    That picture is so cute!!!! wow, he must have been tired.

  3. So cute! I can't believe how sometimes kicks just zonk out like that! love it!
    Great October...PR's are great! ;)

  4. I am impressed. You are so very photogenic! Love the pics. Maybe I didn't look close enough, but what races do you have planned coming up? If you would like a few suggestions, email me. I am the on the committee for the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon & Half Marathon. Perhaps that could be on yoru list. It is tons more fun than it sounds, believe me.

    I am also the race director for a kids marathon over the summer. Maybe the little ones would like to earn a marathon medal of their own next year?

  5. I totally feel you on the Halloween candy! Ugh. Congrats on PR'ing! That's awesome!! Good luck with your new plan! :0)

  6. I totally agree about October...just an off month for me too! It sounds like you have a great plan of attack for this month! Great idea to place your weight in a visible place...although that would require that I tell my husband my actual weight!

  7. What a great idea for the Halloween candy!
    And that last picture is darling. Too cute!

  8. sounds like a good plan! The photo is too cute!

  9. I'm so impressed by your 2010 mileage thus far!! I got into running late this year, so I want to follow your lead next year!

  10. You've done such a great job this year. You should be super proud!