Friday, October 27, 2017

Be Jamie. Always be Jamie.

I've been doing more reading lately.  But, I've also been doing more writing.  I am still writing random to do lists.  But, I've also been writing down my thoughts. Journaling. Chicken scratches.  My feelings.  My purpose.  I enjoy blogging and finding it therapeutic.  I love sharing my raw feelings and emotions and small glimpses into our daily, real life. Life isn't always beautiful. But, it's always amazing just the same. I look forward to doing more of it. Not making it another item on my to do list.  Just sharing my feelings about running and life.
When I was on the bus the other day, I came up with a list of ten items that I really want to focus on and live by.  Not resolutions.  Not goals.  Those have an expiration date.  Just feelings, emotions and a life that I am striving for.  Some are actions.  Some are reminders.  But they all are me.
  1. Constant motion is more productive with periods of rest.
  2. Connect and embrace at hello and good-bye.
  3. Touch paper/tasks once; maybe twice.
  4. When you feel something pulling, don't pull back. Figure out what's pulling you.
  5. Listen loudly.
  6. I can do all things; but I don't have to.
  7. Do what you do well; and do that often.
  8. My way isn't always the right way.
  9. Asking for help makes you stronger; not weaker.
  10. Be Jamie.  Always be Jamie.


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