Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sometimes you need to Rainbow Loom.

Recently, I was checking my daily step count on my fitness tracker and noticed something. 

My wrist was lined in Rainbow Loom bracelets.  Beautiful, colorful, plastic bracelets - created by son.  My middle child.  The one that craves so much from me.  Time.  And attention.  He crafted all weekend and watched tutorials on how to make his creations.  His behavior was great this weekend because we slowed down.  And I took an interest in his projects and learned from him.  I also realized that he is really good at giving helpful directions, advice and can be very patient and encouraging.  Something that I had not noticed before.

My short, stubby nails were painted purple and made me feel beautiful.  I shared an experience with my oldest.  After an intense fitness class, we grabbed coffee and got manicures over the weekend.  Matching purple manicures.  It wasn’t just the manicured nails that made me feel beautiful – it was the beautiful afternoon experience with my daughter.  At almost thirteen, she isn’t afraid to hold my hand or call me “mommy” in public.

And then my beautiful wedding ring.  After a long, holiday weekend – I feel like my husband I became one again.  Instead of being two parents living in the same household, making the day run smoothly, making sure that transportation was covered and that errands were complete – we were just us.  We made eye contact instead of rushing from one task to the next. We had conversations. We smiled. And like that diamond on my finger, we had a sparkle in our eyes again.

None of this happiness or beauty came from running or my business.

Being motivated, organized and determined have been great qualities that I have collected over time.  Running and my marathon training have contributed that.  However these qualities can often cause me to push myself harder (too hard) and expect more out of myself - and life.  I make myself move at a much faster pace than I should.  Leaving no time for error.  A marathon can seem like an eternity when you are in the middle of it – but in reality, it is over in a blink-of-an-eye.  If I were to just slow down my pace - I could simply enjoy the course around me, thank the volunteers and avoid the side aches. 

Instead of waiting to declare new year’s resolutions – I will commit NOW to staying motivated and pushing forward - but to walk through the water stations when needed and take out my earbuds to enjoy the support from those lining the race route.

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