Friday, December 18, 2015

Fleet Feet Sports Madison/Sun Prairie - The Power of Running: To Inspire Contest

Earlier this fall, one of my closest clients,  Nicky, asked me if she could nominate me for Fleet Feet and Mizuno's The Power of Running:  To Inspire contest.  This award recognizes individuals in the running community who have overcome their own obstacles through running, have inspired communities of runners or who have raised funds for charities through the sport.   I was truly honored to be nominated by my client and friend who has grown tremendously this past year through running - even completing her first half marathon.  She submitted my nomination to Fleet Feet Sports Madison/Sun Prairie this September.  Around Thanksgiving, I learned that I didn't win the grand prize, but that the Sun Prairie store would be sending me a pretty new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 12's.  I am so excited to try this pretty new pair of kicks after the new year.
I am so blessed to have so many wonderful clients who I am now fortunate to call friends.  I love running into people just like Nicky at Target or the grocery store or at a local park (or even better yet ...!) out running on a local trail.  I love catching up with them.  Hearing about their accomplishments since we last ran together, their struggles with schedules and family and time for themselves and just getting an update on what exciting things are going on their busy lives. 
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to nominate me, Nicky!

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