Saturday, December 19, 2015

Birthing Playlist

Recently, I read this funny article from Women's Running Magazine, which listed twenty ways running a marathon is like giving birth.  It was funny, it was familiar, it was true.  Even though I am being induced again, it makes me realize that I really can have a third "medication-free" birthing experience.  No epidural needed, because I have done it before and I can do it again.  Just like every 26.2 mile journey I run - and all of the training miles leading up to that point.  My body has prepared me for this.  I have great breathing techniques.  I know where to put my mindset and get in my zone.  I can do this.

I also recently have been watching The Business of Being Born and More Business of Being Born on Netflix.   Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein's documentaries have been pretty eye-opening.  They document the journey of women as they attempt medication-free births, home births, work without "medical professionals" to achieve their desired birthing experience.  The documentaries also show how things don't always go as planned, and sometimes mothers just need to adjust their expectations to get the same positive end-result.  It has been a very interesting series to watch.

The documentary touched on marathon runners several times and compared giving birth to that finish line.  Further, I saw that some women in the documentary were using ipods and calming music to get them through the experience without medication.  I thought - I make playlists all of the time for my long runs.  I run for hours (and hours!) at times to my favorite tunes that motivate me.  Sometimes my playlists are filled with pop music, sometimes rap and hip hop, other times singer/songwriters and rock fill my ears with the most moving and beautiful music that keeps me moving.  It's the emotion of the music that gets me through some of the toughest points of my runs.  Since Mumford and Sons always moves me to tears at miles 20-25 of a marathon, I opted to make a birth playlist that features them frequently.  "Lover's Eyes" and "Below my Feet" are two of my favorite songs that move me.  My emotional playlist includes many songs that strike my emotions and push me beyond my limits.  This includes many from Mumford & Sons, Ron Pope (songs from our wedding), Avett brothers, Adele, Hozier and more singer/songwriter types.  I look forward to seeing what these tunes can do for me and if I can go to "that place", as I do during a marathon.

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