Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Taking a Break

Working part-time in an office atmosphere, it is difficult for me to sit at a desk all day.  Luckily I only work 2.5 days per week.  On the days that I take a break for lunch, I make sure that I eat at my desk while I'm working.  I then head outside for my 20-30 minute walk break.  Taking that short time away from the computer and connecting with the outdoors really helps break up my day and reset my afternoon.
I am very fortunate that I have access to several walking paths and trails around my office.  I try to switch up my routes to include sun, shade, hills and beautiful scenery.  Views of Lake Mendota, the shade of the Lakeshore path and inclines in every direction up Bascom Hill make the University of Wisconsin Campus a wonderful place to take a break during my day.
I make sure that I wear my walking shoes to work, so that I don't forget them at home.  I also keep hair ties in my desk, along with things to freshen up - like deodorant, wet wipes, paper towel and perfume.
I really feel that break in the day makes me a better employee for my remaining hours at the office.  I look forward to the time to myself and counting those extra steps on my Vivo Fit is a bonus, too.

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