Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Running Thoughts at 23 and 24 weeks Pregnant

 Last week marked the 23 mile mark during my pregnancy.  Only seventeen weeks to go!  Only.

I'm finally feeling pregnant and we had some cooler temps near the end of August.  It was blissful outdoors and the lovely weather encouraged me to get out a little bit more.  In fact, my mileage was super consistent and I was able to get some longer runs in, including that half marathon I ran in Madison last weekend.  I rounded out the week with 35 miles.  35 miles at 23 weeks pregnant - I couldn't believe it.  I felt like I had my groove back.  My slow groove.

With Labor Day weekend, the heat and humidity came back.  It was pretty brutal.  I didn't get too many miles in this past weekend.  I did spend a lot of quality time with a family and tried to walk the dog and get out for some sunset runs in the evening.  Those seem to be some of my favorite short runs lately.

Today marks week 24 and only sixteen weeks to go.  The weeks just keep ticking along.  Our baby girl is the size of a cantaloupe.  I've been waiting to get that alert in my inbox for the past several months.  My little cantaloupe is moving around like crazy.  She's super active.  However, I don't feel her when I'm running.  It's still my calves that tighten up and mess with my mental toughness.  The baby bump is not getting in my way at all.  Little Diva and Little Dude have been spending a lot of time talking to their little sister and laying their heads on my tummy.  They both were tickled pink when they finally were able to feel her react to their voices this past weekend.  Those were some precious moments for all of us.

Photos courtesy of Little Diva


  1. Adorable! One of my biggest regrets about my obesity was complications with my blood pressure during pregnancy and NOT LOOKING PREGNANT! You look fantastic!

  2. I love reading your updates!!!
    I think its awesome you are able to continue running during your pregnancy! you look beautiful with that itty baby bump!!!!!!!!!!!!