Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Books # 8-13 of 2015

So I was still busy reading this summer.  Since April, I have read five more books.  I slowed way down on my reading once the weather warmed up.  But, now that I'm a commuter by bus a few days a week, I am able to get some extra minutes of reading in each day.  I'm also getting back into my routine of reading for 15-30 minutes before bed.  Even being 26 weeks pregnant, I am sleeping pretty amazing.  Reading really helps me turn my mind off and slow me down and eventually drift off to sleep.
It appears that many of the books I read this summer were movies I've seen or have an interest in seeing.  I love comparing the book to the movie and the movie to the book.  I love getting inside of the character's heads inside of the book and learning details that you don't see or hear on film.  A Scattered Life is something I picked up for dirt cheap in the bargain bin at the book store.  A couple of these were also great gifts I received for Mother's Day and my birthday.  Otherwise, I tend to borrow my books from our local library.  I'm looking forward to reading many more books this fall as the nights turn longer and cooler.
Books 8-13 of 2015 ....

A Scattered Life by Karen McQuestion

The Dog Year by Ann Garvin

Max - a major motion picture
Paper Towns by John Green

American Wife by Taya Kyle
Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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