Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RDM Client Feature - Leanne M

Name:  Leanne M

City:  DeForest, WI

Age:  42
When/why I started running:  I started running in September, 2012 in a Couch to 5K program.  A good friend of mine told me she signed up for the program in order to get more fit and lose some weight and I thought I would sign up with her for support.  I also signed up because it was a bucket list item for me to run a 5K and thought it would be fun to do this with a friend.

One thing that I discovered from running:  I realized that I could run.  I have never been a real athletic person and was unsure if I would like running but running is really an individual sport and I am able to set my own goals and training plans in order to achieve personal success.  Running has also taught me patience because it takes time to train for a goal and I am so proud of myself every time I have succeeded at that goal, whether it be a half marathon or a PR in a 5K or 10K race.

What I am currently training for:  I just finished my second half marathon in September, 2014 and I will start training, this winter, for my third half marathon in Door County in May, 2015.  Also, I am seriously thinking about training for a full marathon in the next few years.

Favorite song to run to:  I love Pitbull music because it is so motivating and my favorite song right now is "Fireball"

My running motto:  Running does not come easy to me but I really do enjoy the sport and I have achieved more than I ever thought I would so my motto is:  Pain will pass, pride will last.

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