Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'll take a double ...

Marathon training is all about fitting it in - around life!! I got up early on Friday morning morning and drove my car to the restaurant where I was meeting a friend for breakfast. I ran six early miles around two neighborhoods. 

I then enjoyed a nice light breakfast of oatmeal and an english muffin while we had a good chat.  Come to find out that my friend also split her at-home workout in half as well. Great minds think alike! I knew there was a reason we are such good friends!

After breakfast, I headed out from the restaurant for another fourteen miles around town.  I did seven miles out and back, taking the connecting paths through town and parks.  I stopped at the same park twice to refuel with water and used a gel mid-way.  I was starting to chaffe half way through my run and now remembered why I had headed back upstairs to the restroom before I left home ....

I really need to make myself a checklist for things NOT to forget before I endure a long run like that.  The damage didn't end up being terrible.

My last mile-and-a-half ended being along the busiest highway in town.  I had to endure a few stop lights, crossing traffic, running in place like THAT crazy runner, hot sun .... and drivers staring at me.  I always feel like they are gawking and saying "Oh that poor girl looks like she's in pain".  Sometimes, I just want to wear a sign that says "18 miles done - and 2 to go" or something like that. 

Regardless, I got back to my car and felt pretty darn good.  I stretched and enjoyed a cold bottle of water that I had stored in my cooler. 

20 miles done ... and my first ice ice bath, too!  My ice bath was awesome (not terrible!) and I didn't feel the least bit sore the next day.  Amazing - it works!!  This was my third twenty miler for this training sequence and I have just a bit over one month to go until race day.  I also have tons of 10 and 12 milers under my belt and a 14 miler.  I'm feeling confident.

I also refueled with a chocolate milk smoothie.  It made two huge glasses and was my lunch and form of refueling for this run.  It kept me full (even after twenty miles!) all afternoon!

1 cup ice
1/2 cup chocolate milk
1 scoop protein powder
2 small bananas

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