Thursday, October 16, 2014

Massage and Essential Oils for Runners

If you are a runner, either just starting out or with miles under your feet, you probably know the importance of wearing the proper shoes, the perfect socks, a favorite pair of compression pants (or running skirt!). You know what you need to feel good when you run. You have a style, a play-list, a routine & a pace that is all your own. You know what to do to prepare for your run, but what do you do after that run to care for your body? How do you alleviate muscle pain, increase circulation, heal after those long runs? There are lots of alternative medicines and therapies available to promote optimal health in a natural way.  Massage therapy has been used for hundreds of years as a form of alternative medicine to increase health and wellbeing.  When many people think about massage they picture a relaxing experience (which it is!) but massage can be so much more.  Athletes utilize the benefits of massage for a variety of reasons including faster healing and a reduced risk of injury. Getting massages during training or after an event can help make you a better athlete!  Massage therapy; icreases flexibility, increases circulation, alleviates muscle pain, promotes better sleep, increases relaxation levels

In fact, regular massages while training can help improve your performance!

Massage aids recovery, growth and the repair of soft tissue by accelerating circulation.  Additionally, regular massages enhance metabolism, increase blood oxygen capacity by 10 to 15 percent, loosen contracted or shortened muscles, and stimulates weak muscles.  It may also reduce and eliminate pain associated with exercise, increase endurance, and control fatigue.  Massages will enable more productive training with longer, more effective workouts.  Is a marathon on your schedule or are you hoping it will be someday? Regular massages could help you reach that goal.  It is more than just a luxury it is a beneficial alternative medicine therapy that can offer deep relief! It’s important to know that you may leave a massage feeling as sore as you would after a tough workout, you’ll want to schedule pre-event (like a hard workout or a long run) or pre-race massages about three to five days before the actual event.  In fact if you can schedule it on a rest day, do so.  Post-event or post-race massages follow the same rule of thumb: wait three to five days afterwards in order for any lingering soreness to dissipate.

Massage alone is a great therapy to keep your body in top form. When combined with therapeutic grade essential oils the benefits are truly astounding. Essential oils can be used not just for massage but in everyday life as well.  Lavender offers overall relaxation, Lemon stimulates muscle relaxation & boosts the immune system (mixed with honey it soothes a sore throat after a long run on a cold day!), Peppermint improves focus, soothes soreness in muscles & can even relieve pain better than some over the counter medications! Eucalyptus can open airways and make regulating breathing easier.  There are thousands of ways to use hundreds of available essential oils.  When first entering the world of essential oils it’s imperative you speak with someone with first hand experience or attend a class that offers an intro in essential oil use. Therapeutic grade essential oils ar

e strong and need to be used appropriately. Less is always more!  A good massage therapist can help you find the best oils for your needs and body.  Urban Rituals Spa in Monona, WI offers an introductory class each month on essential oils. Oils plus massage will improve your overall health and well-being.

Running isn’t just a sport or a form of exercise, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a part of who you are. It improves your health, happiness and focus.  It’s a natural way to do something good for you body, mind and spirit. Massage therapy is a natural way to keep your body healthy and keep you moving forward one foot, one minute, one mile at a time.

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