Friday, June 20, 2014

Asics Electro33 Running Shoe Review

Asics (HERE) contacted me this spring to try out their new Asics Electro33 Running Shoes.  I had worked in a running shoe store and fit several customers with the new Electro33's.  Customers really liked the open, mesh toe box.  People also liked the Gel cushionining, as that was a really popular selling point.  And, I was eager to try them out myself. 
This shoe is suitable for the neutral to slightly over pronator.  Pronation is how a runner's foot rolls medially between footfall and toe-off. Overpronation is when it rolls inwards, and a neutral pattern is when little rolling occurs.  I fall into this category.  I have tried a variety of stability shoes across many brands. 
Shoe Details:
The GEL-Electro33™ debuts as the newest introduction of the Natural33™ by ASICS, constructed with FluidAxis™ aligned for the mild to moderate overpronator. Engineered mesh and Seamless Construction combine with the Natural33™ Specific Last for a slipper-like fit and feel. The Solyte® Midsole and Ortholite Lasting create the lightweight ride and underfoot comfort needed to electrify any run.
The Electro33 retails online for $110 which is quite comparable to other running shoes.  The shoe is available in three color schemes for both men and women and I (of course) choose the  pink pair.  The color was even brighter in person - more towards a neon pink, than a hot pink or fuschia.  The other color schemes are quite unique and fun.

Shoe Stats: weight 7.1 oz / heel height: 19 mm / forefoot height: 9 mm   
  • Anatomically correct deep flex grooves have been aligned to the joints of the foot. This innovative construction enables the shoe to recognize, adapt, and respond to the athlete's exact load and positional change from first impact to toe-off.
  • Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance.
  • ASICS lightest midsole compound has been reengineered to reduce weight while providing enhanced cushioning and exceptional durability.
  • The use of seamless materials reduces the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.

    I love the seamless construction in these shoes.  I suffer from toe problems and bunions and anything that has seems, tends to really bother my feet and cause my bunions to throb and sore for days after a long run.  The seamless construction and mesh overlay really allow my feet to breathe and move around and my toes aren't restricted.  I felt like my ankle was cinched comfortably, yet my toes could move around.  Loved that about these.
    I liked wearing these for mid-distance runs or when I coached shorter distance.  I loved the gel cushioning.  However, I'm just not that use to as light of a shoe for my longer distance runs.  My other running shoes have more stability and I'm use to a slightly heavier sole for my longer runs.  These were awesome for 3-9 miles.  I just am not ready to break them out for anything longer than 90 minutes right now.  It's unbelievable how light these babies are.  If you like lighter shoes, then I would really suggest giving the Electro33 a try.
    The sole worked just fine for pavement or crushed gravel.  It's not an overly aggressive sole.
    The laces were great at staying tied, too.  I sometimes find that some of my laces aren't staying tied, even when double-knotted these days.  These stayed put.
    I also took them hiking and geocaching with the kids.  They were great for summer and super light and "not clunky".  They got dirty and cleaned up really well and easily after our outings at local parks and state parks.


    Have you checked out the ASICS Race the Sun challenge??  On June 21st, two teams of ASICS trail runners will be working in relay to run 162 kilometers through 3 countries before the sun goes down—giving them 15 hours and 41 minutes to complete the route. It will be a groundbreaking event! Check out the course sneak peek (HERE).  Be prepared to be motivated by this epic video.  Makes me look forward to my trail half marathon later this summer.

    Disclaimer:  I received a pair of Asics Electro33 for free in exchange for my review.  I was not paid for my comments/feedback.

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