Thursday, April 24, 2014

XC Thrillogy Events - July 14, 2014 - Kenosha, Wisconsin

Looking for something a little different?
More fun? More variety? Less hassle?

The XC Thrillogy has it all!

A trilogy of races – all running at the same time, all in one location, all ending in one day. In other words, it’s “Run. Fun. Done. In One!”

Whether you want to walk (or run) a 5K, tackle a 50K ultra, or have a team of up to 10 people coveringover 100 miles, the XC Thrillogy has you covered!

Run over gently rolling hills on a beautiful, tree-lined, dedicated cross country course that’s nationally known. When not running, hang out with teammates and meet new friends in Thrillogy Village. Games, contests, food and fun will keep you refreshed, energized and entertained all day and into the night.

XC Thrillogy is about camaraderie, enjoying running in a cool setting, and not worrying about logistics.

• The Hills Are Alive 5K
• Hot, Hilly, Hairy 50K
• Hilloopy 100+ Relay 

Hills Are Alive 5K Race

When was the last time you did a 5K – and didn’t see a single house?

The Hills Are Alive 5K meanders along a beautiful, tree-lined nature trail over gently rolling hills.

If you’re a runner, you’ll love the soft surface (no big rocks and roots like on some trails) of this dedicated cross-country course. And you’ll get to run in the footsteps of greatness. The course record is held by Dathan Ritzenhein, 3-time national cross country champion and former American record holder in the 5000.

Can you take top honors? The overall male and female winners will receive $100 each!

If walking is more your style, then you’ll enjoy a wonderful walk in the park. Take in the lush scenery while feeling the energy flowing from hundreds of runners participating in the XC Thrillogy races!

Hot, Hilly, Hairy 50K Race

You’re a little bit badass. We get it. Let those other people run a 3-mile loop and hand off to someone else. You’ll just keep onnnnnnn running through the exchange zone! You’re an ultra runner.

Whether this is your first 50K or your 50th, “Hot, Hilly, Hairy” has something for you. Rookies and veterans alike will enjoy:
  • Plentiful aid stations. The looping course doubles back on itself, so you’re never more than about 1.5 miles away from aid.
  • Great crowd support. With a 3-mile loop, you’ll see your supporters often and get a great mental boost from the fans in Thrillogy Village every time you pass through.
  • Easy-on-the-legs course. Don’t get us wrong – 50K ain’t “easy.” But the gentle hills will engage multiple muscles at different times, so you’ll be less likely to tighten up. And your legs will take less of a pounding from the dirt trail than asphalt.
  • Hot, but not without relief. It’s July in the Midwest, so temperatures could be up there, but the tree-lined course offers plentiful shade almost all they way around.
  • Prize money! Overall male and female winners receive $250!

Hilloopy 100+ Relay Race

The Hilloopy 100+ Relay is the signature race of the day! Form a team of 6 or 10 runners and tackle this one-of-a-kind relay event. No vans, no overnight stays. Just a beautiful nature trail that keeps looping you back to the cheers of your teammates and spectators.

All teams will begin at the same time in a thrilling mass start. To spice things up even more, this will be a “costume leg,” so you can show off your sense of style and humor from the opening gun! If your costume is good enough, you could be the first contest winner of the day!

Your team will cover about 102 miles of a beautiful, gently rolling course - 3 miles at a time. If it’s not your turn to run, don’t think you’ll get bored! You'll be hanging out in our exclusive Thrillogy Village, cheering, chilling and participating in games and other competitive non-running contests.

Why you will love Hilloopy 100+ Relay!

  • Intimidated by longer runs? Each loop is only about 3 miles. You can do that!
  • Tired of complicated logistics? We are too! Don’t worry about splitting up your team in vans and only meeting at major exchange areas. Send your runner on a 3-mile loop and wait for her or him to come back to you!
  • Maybe you want more miles. On each 10-person team, there will be 4 "bonus loops.” You can add 1, 2, 3 … or all 4 to your personal log! Lots of options to “go long”!
  • Eager to meet other runners and have more fun? When you’re not running, you can mingle in Thrillogy Village and take part in a special game or contest every hour!
  • Want to crank out some fast splits? Each mile is marked, and we’ll have a special prize for the “Hot Laps” of the day.
  • Looking to relive your glory days of cross country? This is a dedicated, nationally recognized XC course, so you don’t have to worry about rocks and roots.  Let ‘er rip!
  • Want to run in the footsteps of greatness? The course record is held by Dathan Ritzenhein, 3-time national cross country champion and former American record holder in the 5000.
  • Ready to turn on “Beast Mode”? Form an Ultra Team of 6 runners. Each of you will run at least 5 loops of about 3 miles. But wait, there’s more! You decide how to divvy up 4 “bonus loops” among your team. Maybe you take 1 bonus, giving you 18 miles, or maybe you’re Wonder Woman or Superman and take all four – giving you 27 miles for the day!

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  1. I ran this course in college! we finally made it to XC nationals and we landed in Kenosha,WI!
    I don't remember much of the course itself, so it was neat to read the descriptions!!!!
    (we did place 10th as a team though! many,many moons ago!)