Friday, April 25, 2014

FlexPower Pain Relief Cream Review & Giveaway

FlexPower (HERE) sent me their FlexPower Performance & Recovery Cream (HERE)  Available in 2 oz and 4 oz tubes online, you have two options to try it out.  I have bunions and some major foot pain at times.  This is not only from running, but several years of wearing pointy, high-heeled shoes have also contributed to my foot pain.  I used this cream on my feet and it really helped.  It also didn't have that stinky medicinal scent that other creams on the market have.  A win in my book.  As if having the bunions weren't already attractive enough.  I also tried it on my sore hamstrings and shins after a recent half marathon.  I was in a lot of pain for several days after my latest event and this helped temporarily reduce the soreness.  It wasn't sticky or too think.  The consistency was similar to lotion. I like that you can apply it at any time of the day and not just before bed, because it doesn't have that stinky scent.
Here is what FlexPower has to say about their products ....
Performance & Recovery - Original formula used for relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, sprains and bruises.  FlexPower Performance & Recovery utilizes a unique technology to deliver ingredients through the skin. The cream is clean scented with no medicinal odor and includes trolamine salicylate, glucosamine, MSM and contains no parabens. FlexPower provides relief and gradual heat that is perfect before activity for warm up and after for recovery. Used by weekend warriors, everyday active individuals, baby boomers, and professional athletes and teams in the Olympics, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB and other leagues.
How does it work?
FlexPower’s combined ingredients with unique skin-delivery system is what makes it so effective.

FlexPower Pain Relief Cream utilizes a unique technology to deliver active ingredients for pain relief through the skin. We call this technology Flex-Somes™, which is comprised of microscopic capsules that penetrate quickly and deeply to provide long lasting relief without skin irritation.     F
lex-Somes™ are a proprietary liposome technology, used to microscopically encapsulate nutrients and pharmaceutical ingredients. Liposomes were originally used by the pharmaceutical industry to deliver medications. Liposomes are highly complex microscopic lipid spheres. The membrane of a liposome is made of highly purified natural lecithin that encapsulates water and ingredients.

With a clean scent and lotion feel, you can apply FlexPower any time of the day.
Unlike sticky pain relief sprays and menthol-smelling sports gels, FlexPower products are formulated into a luxurious cream base and feature a Clean or Light scent.  Contains NO medicinal or menthol smell.  Goes on like a lotion.

One lucky winner will win a
Sampler Pack from
Flex Power


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  1. Oooh I like that it won't smell like you are wearing some other brands cream and if it absorbs instead of being greasy - that would be nice!

  2. I think the FlexPower Active Woman looks interesting

  3. I'm excited about their Active Woman arnica cream. I've tried Flex Power in the past, and will probably need it again as I return to running after pregnancy.

  4. I am an RDM blog follower through bloglovin

  5. I think their original formula sounds great especially the lack of smell. I am also interested in the active woman. I wonder if it is as effective.

  6. I liked flex power on FB and told them you sent me