Monday, April 7, 2014

Wisconsin wins with low fat chocolate milk

Did you know that a tall glass of white or chocolate milk contains 30% of your daily Calcium and 25% of your Vitamin D requirements.  Pair that up with Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Protein, Vitamin B-12, Potassium, Vitamin A, Niacin and Vitamin C, you have a glass full of nutrients for the entire family.  A glass of chocolate milk contains 135 calories.  While a glass of white milk contains just 85 calories.  Wisconsin Milk's nine essential nutrients can make your kids grow up healthy and strong - and you parents will benefit, too.  Why not set a good example at the dinner table tonight and serve up a glass of milk with your family's meal. 

Wisconsin chocolate milk is also a fantastic way to refuel after your workouts - with a perfect combination of protein and carbs to aid in muscle fiber recovery.  The electrolytes will also help refuel what sweat you lost during that fantastic workout.  Stock up on a couple of bottles of cold chocolate milk and keep them in the fridge for when you return home after your next long run.  Why not stash a few bottles in a small cooler the next time you meet your running buddies for a training run.  You can enjoy cold Wisconsin chocolate milk while you are doing your post-run stretching.  Your friends will appreciate the miles you shared together and the benefits from refueling with chocolate milk.

John Dettmann, Director of Strength and Conditioning at the University of Wisconsin, is just one of many athletic professionals who have seen the direct impact that chocolate milk can have on an athlete's performance. Check out the video


Little Dude and Little Diva have been all over the hype about Wisconsin Chocolate Milk (HERE).  Little Dude has always been a great milk drinker.  He loves his white milk with each meal.  Little Diva has not been as enthusiastic about it, but she is trying to learn to love it just as much as her little brother.  When comparing milk to the juice box, milk contains 30% of your daily calcium, while a juice box only contains 2% of the daily requirement.  Milk also contains double the amount of Vitamin C as that juice box in your refrigerator. 

I'm looking forward to wiping the sweat off of my face with these fun Refuel with Chocolate Milk towels.  The kids also are enjoying their Wisconsin Milk cows.  The pink glasses were a nice touch, too.

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  1. I already follow your blog.

  2. I visited the website and I love that there's a cheese and chocolate pairing guide. I may have grown up in California, but I love Wisconsin dairy.

  3. I liked Wisconsin Dairy on fb

  4. I love that the chocolate milk people are promoting healthy eating.