Monday, December 10, 2012

Sun Prairie Fall 2012 Couch to 5K Race Report: Jingle Bell Run 2012

During the first week of October, I met sixteen ladies to start on their 5K journey.  Some had ran in high school, same had run a 5K or two in the past - but most had never ran.
Fast forward nine weeks - and 18 group runs - and 13 or the 16 ladies have finished the program.  With their sites on the Jingle Bell Run 5K in Madison on December 8, we ran all of the program in the dark and then the cold.  We even ran the course together in the week leading up to the race.  We had our pasta dinner and final run together on Thursday evening.  Thank you, Market Street Diner, for the tasty pasta dinner and cake.  And the group even surprised me with this thoughtful card and awesome gifts.  I finally have my own Running Diva Mom Bondi Band.  Can't wait to wear it!
The race didn't start until 10:30, near the Henry Vilas Zoo.  I carpooled with Jolene to the race.  I thought we would have to park far away.  But, the crowd wasn't as large as I imagined - there was parking everywhere.  Oh well, Jolene and I got a little warm-up walk in.  We met up with the rest of the group at 10:00 and talked race strategy, took some photos - we really worked the camera.  After a long line at the port-a-potty - we were OFF - just ten minutes after the 10K started.
The path behind Edgewood College was extremely congested.  There were tons of kids that were dodging all of the other runners; nearly tripping them.  Then we braced ourselves for the huge hill in front of us.  It was helpful that they already ran the course and knew that there was one large hill during the first mile and another at the end. 
I ran back and forth during whole race - between all thirteen runners.  Some struggled, some didn't.  I gave them the same pep talk that I gave them during the past nine weeks.  Run your race.  Run your pace. Don't try and keep up with everyone else.  Just do your thing.  Listen to your breathing and your feet will follow.  And most importantly - Enjoy yourself. 
Everyone finished between 30-45 - just as expected.  There were lots of smiles and laughs all around.  This was such a fun group to train with.  I hope that they all keep in touch and keep up with the running - because many of them secretly enjoyed the punishment.  Just look at these beaming smiles! ....

Congratulations ...
Stephanie W
Stephanie P


  1. What a great thing to have helped so many reach a goal. Congrats to you and your runners!