Thursday, December 6, 2012

Movin' and a Groovin'

I haven't been posting often, because, well ... I've been busy!  Busy, busy, busy!!

When I haven't been fortunate to have time with the kids, I've been working, coaching and spending time with my fabulous Boyfriend.  I only ran 65.8 miles last month.  That is only HALF of my typical monthly investment.  But, I honestly ran quite often.  I spent a lot of my "free" time coaching others on their journy.  I ran often - but only short distances. Or, I ran with friends.  I think I only ran once on my own in November.  Quite interesting - since two years ago I ONLY ran by myself.

My feet haven't been the only things moving.  My family has also been on the move.  We recently moved into a new home and the kids now both have their own rooms.  Front porch swing. Raspberry bushes.  Green space.  No shared walls.  A dream.  It already feels like home - plastered with family photos with smiling faces and motivational quotes.  What a blessing.  It's been great having the extra space for all of us.  And we are in close proximity to a gym.  It's going to be a great outlet for our family.

I had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  A new home, two loving children who are both doing very well in school, a great career, thriving business - and now the most fabulous boyfriend ever.  It's now been a year since we first met.  Though distance and circumstances initially tried to keep us apart, we ended up where we needed to be - Together.  He's been so supportive and encouraging over the past year and I cannot thank him enough.  He's supported my running so much that he took it up himself, ran his first half marathon, and is now going to be leading his own men's couch to 5K group, starting in January.

I was recently connected with Michelle.  We've worked in the same building for over a decade, but had only communicated electronically.  She started training for a local half marathon last season and read one of my race reports online.  And BAM! - discovered me - and realized that it was me.  We connected via email and now are running buddies.  My life is so weird sometimes. I am so blessed.  We've been trying to run together once a week, for the past couple of months.  We've been blessed with some warm, sunny afternoons to share a 3-4 mile jaunt around the UW Campus. 

I recently became a Handful Ambassador (HERE).  I can't say enough about their flattering styles.  If you haven't checked out their sports bras, you should.  They will be a great addition to your active lifestyle.


  1. I love to hear your life is full of joy! I'm jealous of the porch swing. I can see some great lazy summer afternoons with a glass of moscato or a mojito and a good book or your love at your side!

  2. Love that porch swing! You've been on quite a journey over the past couple of years, and I'm happy for you to see how well everything is going. So many blessings! :)

  3. What a great post! It just touched me!