Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chicago Museum of Science & Industry Visit Review & Ticket Giveaway

A few weeks ago, we were invited by the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (HERE) to enjoy the museum for the afternoon.  What a treat on a cool, fall day.  We ventured from Madison to Chicago and were ready to check it out after our two hour drive.
I had been there before and even took Little Diva when she was much younger.  The kids really like hands-on activitied and learning about things and how things work.  So, this was a really fun thing to watch it all through their eyes - a little bit older.  I loved seeing their excitement at each exhibit.

There were so many things to touch and try out.  So many buttons to press.  Things to listen to that explained the history behind exhibits.  It was nice to be somewhere with them - where they were surrounded by tons of other kids - and I didn't have to tell them not to touch this or that.  They were able to check everything out first-hand.  They asked lots of questions.  I didn't always have the answer - but there were always lots of explanations along the way.

The Idea Factory (HERE) was an awesome play area.  With separate child and toddler areas - this was very comparable to a mini children's museum.  We could've spent hours in there, playing with machines, balls, water and so much more.  The kids literally raced from equipment to equipment to see how it all worked.  They even had child/family restrooms enclosed in the small facility. 

We took a break and ventured to the cafeteria.  The Kidzone (the kids had their own food counter at the cafeteria) had a FABULOUS array of choices ... including many health ones ... for Little Dude and Little Diva.  They both gobbled their meals - each so very different - and, mommy was happy she didn't waste a dollar.  I was very impressed by their Kidzone food counter.  They also had many fresh and healthy options for adults.  With so many options to choose from - I opted for a really tasty salad.  It was great way for us to take a quick break, rest our feet, our brains, and get more energy to go out and explore.

Little Dude and all of his curiousity, really liked the Science Storms exhibit (HERE).  It was really neat to see replicas of hurricanes, storms, and lightening - with staff there to answer questions.  One question lead to another which lead to another.  He loved it.
Little Dude LOVES watching factory videos and how things are made.  We were really said (he was in tears) that the ToyMaker 3000 exhibit was closed that afternoon (HERE).  Maybe next time, Little Dude.

We had a 2pm entry to "Charlie Brown and The Great Exhibit" (HERE).  For $5 for adults and $3 for children, families can explore the life of Charles Schulz and Charlie Brown and his friends.  Open now, through February 18, 2013.
The kids enjoyed more hands-on activities, computer activities, drawing and looking at REAL comic strips.  They really enjoyed seeing a replica of Charles Schulz's office.  The kids also liked making their own comic strips and taking them home.  We spent about 30-45 minutes in the exhibit.
About Charlie Brown and The Great Exhibit:
Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit explores Schulz’s personal history and his role as the sole inspiration and artistic talent behind Peanuts and its unique cast of characters. Through original cartoons, as well as reproductions and related Peanuts memorabilia, you will see how characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Lucy were developed and how they evolved over decades in print and popular culture. A recreation of Schulz’s Santa Rosa, Calif. studio is presented on tour for the first time, where the real tools and mementos he kept there provide a deeper look into what fueled his creative process.
Take a Peanuts tour of holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day—celebrated so famously by these characters. Enter the recreation of Snoopy's doghouse interior, never shown in the strip, to see the eclectic belongings of this unique dog. Exercise your own Schulz-like creativity with activities like making animations for a zoetrope, tapping out a tune on Schroeder's piano or donning a Joe Cool costume.
A trove of beloved memories and a fascinating study of creativity, Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit presents one man's life and his work… which just happens to be about life.

One of our favorite spots was the U-505 exhibit. I had seen the exhibit before, but appreciated it more, years later.  Little Dude really liked it and asked lots of questions.  The kids even were able to try a submarine simulator - free of charge.  They were all smiles.  When we go back to MSI again - which we will - I will definitely purchase the family passes to go in and explore the submarine.  We really enjoyed learning about it on this visit.
We really maximized our hours at the museum and stayed until the doors closed.  Can't wait to go back.
There is so much more that I could share with you about our experience ...
But, why don't you go check our MSI yourself???
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  3. I LOVE the Museum of Science & Industry and am so glad you had a fun time!

    (PS - had to comment, but I don't want to be entered in the ticket giveaway as I'm not local and wouldn't be able to use them.)

  4. Great blog! I found it looking at running sites but love how you incorporate other things in your site.

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