Thursday, October 18, 2012

You're not alone.

Last night, I sent out an email to a Couch to 5K group.  I know that several women were going to be absent, due to conflicts.  Then, came the rain.  I worried that I would be running alone and that they would be scared and miss their workout.  I let them know that we were still meeting - despite the rain.  (I'm sure that that there may have been some slight disappointment on the receiving end of this email.)  Only lightening or hail would keep us from the first workout of week four.  They were going to be running 5 intervals of 5 mins running and 2 mins walking.  I pulled into the parking lot and surprisingly, half of the group was waiting for me in the rain.

We ran/walked for more than a half hour.  We maneuvered a lot of pretty steep hills.  The group is pretty spread out in pace.  But everyone seems to have a running buddy at a similar pace.  Usually, I try running and back forth between intervals, making sure everyone is in-check with their pace ... and their attitudes.  However, last night, two ladies in the back were really struggling.  It was more of a mental barrier that they needed to break-through.  They were concerend that it wasn't as easy as they thought it would be.  They didn't like that they were slower than the other ladies.  They were struggling to catch their breath.  I walked them through lots of questions, worked on breathing techniques, distracted them with personal stories, and gave them minute-by-minute countdowns. 

One of these ladies has a daughter in the Girls on the Run Program.  Little Diva is enrolled as well.  We are both going to be running buddies with our daughters on race day.  Their practice races are next week and the mother is worried that she will not be able to keep up with her daughter.  So, the four of us will be training together this weekend.  I look forward to giving all three of them some additional confidence.

We got back to the park and ... you know what??? ... they finished.  After the run, one was crying out of frustration ... and the other out of joy.   So many emotions that I still feel ... even seven years after starting. 
What advice would you give these two dedicated ladies?

I asked just that on the RDM Facebook page (HERE) and was truly moved by the response and support by other runners.  Many of them, my former clients.

Don't give up! Just don't stop and it he's easier I promise!'

The thing that helps me most is to be reminded that we ALL started somewhere. No one has ever taken their first run and thought, "Wow, that was so easy, I feel great." We all started slow, had pains, and felt like we were not a "runner" and some how we all stuck with it and it became easier.

It doesn't matter how slow you run, your lapping the couch potato!! You go girl!!

Keep pushing thru the pain it will pay off in the long run its all about Mind ,body and soul .. Keep pushing thu the runs

You're not alone.

Everyone has a starting point. And unlike a whole bunch of people who are sitting on the couch you actually went out and did 5k. When you go home you can say I did it! Not I want to do, not I'm gonna do but I DID!

Just keep going...now matter how slow the feeling of completion is like no other feeling...

Ditto Candie, and remember WHERE you started. One step at a time.

That both these reactions are totally normally at any level, any size. They will also both come and go. An enormous feeling of gratitude, and of self hate. You need to work through both. Accept both and ask why your feeling that way.

Not every run is great, but it's great that you're running. I did that plan not being able to run 2 minutes straight, seriously. IT WORKS. It can be hard and frustrating. But forget this run and focus on the next. It only gets easier!!

I believe that couch to 5k has you walking 3 min & running 60 sec in the beginning. I started at walking 3 min & running 30 sec. Now up to 4 1/2 to 5 minutes at a time! Maybe shortening her run time will help!

I am not a coach, or a veteran runner. I am new at this and have found that when you truly stop listening to your mind, your body can do it. I did it and just hit another mile, added one more on top of my 3.1 on Tuesday. Furthest ever, just listened to my music and ran. Running Diva Mom quotes push me and inspire me, you are blessed to know her and run with her! My advise is, don't give up, you got this! ❤

Run with your heart and soul, not your legs. That's how I get through it.

Not every run can be a good run. A bad run is better than no run! Everyone, from beginners to elites, have bad runs & races. Some are better than others. Just keep at it and don't give up! You'll always be moving forward, or even if it feels like you're not making progress, you're not going backwards!

I always think of Forrest Gump. He only got better because he kept on running!

Like one of your quotes you've had on your page: I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. :)

You lapped the person sitting home on the sofa

Everyone feels that way from time to time! Just keep moving!

The couch to 5k is how it all began for me. I took the class 3 times before I had enough confidence to do a race on my own. 2 yrs later I have ran more 5k's than I can count, 4 or 5 10k's and I am on my 3rd half. At 38, I feel better than I have in my whole adult life. I have been both of those ladies. I am STILL, at times, BOTH of those ladies I just don't quit. I do just as someone said before...I remember where I started and how far I have come!

keep your eye on the prize and never give up on yourself. we are all rooting for you.

Keep on going! Woohoo

Couch to 5K is what got me started as well! Stick with it, dont give up....its the bad runs that make the good ones so great!

July 29th 2012 my first couch to 5k class with Jamie. I could barely run one minute and walk one minute for 20 minutes. trust me it gets better. every week brings a new challenge and a new victory. now I can bang out a 5K. not the fastest but I cross the finish line with my head heald high and setting my sights on my next 5k. when I cross that line my sights will be on my next 5k. it just becomes your nature. I will be proud to sign up for a 5k with any of you anytime!

2 years ago I was running 5k's now I am training for my 2nd marathon. You have to find the joy in just being out there. It is your time, make the most of it even if it isn't what you want at the moment. Keep at it and don't be afraid. One day you will look back and see what a learning experience it was. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

once I learned how to zone out...not pay attention to my feet, my breathing, my pain, etc and really get into a pure mental zone

it all clicked for me.

I totally understand crying out of both joy & frustration while running! Don't beat yourselves up. Like others have said, you're out there challenging yourselves & doing something that is new & probably a little scary. Don't give up. Just know that this is part of the journey. Congratulate yourselves on taking positive strides toward better health!! Keep up the great work!!!!

I completely understand what both of them are going thru. I have been there. I am there now. I have lost some of my motivation myself but I still went out and did a run tonight. I have signed myself up for a10k in two weeks.I am really nervous about it too.

Stick with it and absolutely NEVER GIVE UP!!

Six months ago, I set a goal for myself to participate in a race once every month...and this past Sunday, I have kept to my goal and completed my 7th race...I finished my very first Half Marathon. SO PROUD!!

Candy you can do anything you put your mind to! You have always been a strong person in my eyes!

Don't quit! Big emotion means something good is happening.

Being mentally tough is just as difficult as physically stuff. Always think you can do it... you will, and you will surprise yourself and push farther! you did it!


  1. You are doing an amazing job motivating those women! You rock!

  2. I think it IS harder to train your mind than your body! What a great coach you are!