Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reasons to Run / Workout as a Couple

The Boyfriend and I have enjoyed running together for the past ten months.  It's been awesome - seeing him get excited about running, racing, gear, asking questions, supporting me ... he just gets it.  He's also very supportive of my coaching commitments and time commitment that goes with that, because it's important to me, and it's important to my clients.

So, when I asked him to help me coach another couple on their journey - he was ecstatic to support them and give back.

Nicole was a participant in one of my Couch to 5K programs and she eventually went through the 10K program.  We've kept in touch and her husband Will was curious by her excitement and commitment to the support.  He also was looking to get into shape.  We ran with them over the summer, even in the heat.  We tried out different routes and trails, to mix things up a bit.  They even packed their running gear for a family camping trip to Door County.  It was neat watching them support eachother and hold each other accountable through the program.  Will's excitement was overwhelming and contagious.  We even had to hold him back at one point, because he was running too often and was starting to see injuries occur.  After re-adjusting his personal goals and workouts, he was again injury free.  It was fun to watch Will transform, as he dropped about fifteen pounds and he splurged on new running gear and running apps throughout the program. 

It was fun sharing the night with Will and Nicole and watching them connect on a weekly date night run, obeserving a little competitiveness in both of them and sharing ideas on how to balance it all.  We even had a carb-loading event at a local pizzeria with our families, the night before their race. 

We all ran the Brittany Zimmermann Memorial 5K (HERE) on the UW Madison Lakeshore Path on Saturday, September 29.  The guys ran ahead together and Nicole and I ran at a nice pace together.  It was a beautiful, fall morning and the scenery was amazing.   The nice, flat path made for a great 5K course.  The hugs at the finish line made it even better.

Reasons to Run / Workout as a Couple:
  • Accountability for your workouts (this can also backfire by competitive parties!)
  • Understanding what it takes and the time commitment
  • Increased communication and a great way to reflect on your day together
  • Scheduled time together / away from the kids (finish up with a healthy dinner or cup of coffee)
  • Will possibly introduce new activities to your family (fun runs, bike rides, hiking, family gym memberships)
  • May also change your family's eating habits

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  1. The Hubs and I try to workout together when we can, but we usually have to take turns so someone is home with the kiddos. But, it's fun to compare workouts and give each other pep talks if needed.