Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chi-Town ... Here I Come!!

After being registered for Madison Marathon earlier this year, and the event being downgraded to a half marathon, due to the heat ... I am more than ready for Chicago Marathon (HERE) this weekend!  I feel like I have been training all year.  Well, because I have.  I trained for four months this spring for Madison Marathon in May.  And, then I restarted with Chicago Marathon training, two weeks later.  I have many, many 18-20 milers under my belt this year.  I'd have to look - but I'm guessing about ten long runs in the books.

I'm physically prepared.

And more importantly, I'm mentally prepared.

I ran Chicago as my first marathon in 2008.  And it remains as one of my high points.  I finished 4:37 that year.  Since then, I have tackled three more marathons.  My fastest, being 4:02.  I'm returning to Chicago as my fifth marathon this year and would love to complete the flat course around 4:15 on Sunday.  Although, I'm not putting heavy weight on it.  I really want to enjoy myself.

The crowd support (an estimated 1.7 million spectators), the block-long water stations (20 in total), the chance to thank 12,000 volunteers, the constant dodging of 42,000 runners, the elite athletes, the constant cowbell, the shade in between the skyscrapers, the 29 neighborhoods (HERE) that you run through and smell the tasty offerings (that also can make you gag the last six miles!) ... it all excites me!!

If you're like me, you over-analyze your bib # for a race ...

#26526 of 45000!!
it's my #5 26.2 mile journey ... positive vibes!
The forecast for Sunday in Chi-town ...
well, it ROCKS!!! ...

Chi-Town ... I hope you are ready for me ...
I am ready for you!
And, I hope you have a cupcake ready for me somewhere, too.


  1. yup we will have rocking weather this weekend! hope to see you out there!

  2. Have a great race. It should be a terrific day for it. My five year old and I will be spectating on the West side of the road between mile 8 and mile 9. We'll keep an eye out for you. Should I look for something pink?!

    Also, for your cupcake quest, I highly recommend Sweet Mandy B's!

  3. Looks like perfect weather! Have a great time!!

  4. Good Luck, Jamie! I'm so excited and ready to begin my journey, and to have you as my coach! Have fun in Chicago!

  5. I'm watching it online live. Hope it's going well. xo, Jessica