Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Have Two Ironkids

Last weekend was Ironman Wisconsin in Madison.  The whole city was buzzing with excitement, as the annual event took over dowtown Madison and the surrounding area.  I received notice from Ironman marketing that they were going to be holding a free run for the kids on Saturday morning.  The Ironkids event was going to be a loop around the Wisconsin State Capital Square.  Approximately a half mile fun run.

I asked the kids on Friday if they were interested in participating.  Little Diva was excited to run around the Capital.  Little Dude was not interested.  Later, he said if I ran with him, that he would participate.  So, we set our alarms and get up early on Saturday morning, to make the 8:30 AM start.  We got down to MLK Jr Blvd to register the kids and excitement was in the air. 

There were lots of fit parents from all over the country, lined up to register their little ones for the Ironkids event.  It was a chilly morning, as the kids were dressed in their running gear and sweatshirts.  The music was blasting some fun tunes to dance to ... or jump around in their case.  They warmed themselves up.

The kids even got their own race bibs, as they headed to the start line.  They were jsut a little excited.  I loved watching them make their way through the crowded start line.  This wasn't just a short dash across a field at a park.  The danced around, holding hands.  Cutest thing ever.

Little Dude was so excited, in fact, that he didn't even realize he headed to the start line with Little Diva ... and no mommy.  This brave boy was going to run this race by himself.  Little Dude waved to is adoring fans. 

And, they were off .... in the sea of kids around the Capital Square.

I expected them to take 10 minutes or so, as they ran and walked around the Square.  The first runner came in around 4 minutes ... then, the sea of kids started swarming in to the finish line.  And, a few minutes later, here came Little Diva and Little dude ... hand in hand.  His face was red and sweaty and he was grinning ear-to-ear.  She was scurrying him along as her long legs helped him towards the finish line.  Both had a look of determination on their faces. 

They crossed the finish line together in under seven minutes.   When I found them at the finish line, they held their awesome Ironkids medals in hand (nicer than some of my half marathon medals!!) and shared with excitement that they ran the whole way.  She said that he wanted to walk, but she encouraged him to run the whole way with her. 

We had hoped to browse the Farmer's Market after the race.  But, we all agreed it was too chilly.  Instead, we headed to Starbuck's to enjoy some fresh fruit, hot cocoa and a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Oh, I love fall.  And, I love fall running even better.


  1. How awesome! I'm so excited for them to run the whole way like that. We've done 2 different 1-mile runs as a family, and it's hard for the girls to do those without a walking break. Maybe a half mile would be better for us?

  2. So cool... and neat medals for the kids! I love this fall weather too!

  3. That is the cutest thing ever!

  4. That is so awesome!! They were adorable!

  5. I love little divas headband! I am a single mom too and
    enjoy your blog! Thanks for writing.

  6. That is awesome!!!!! WTG kids!!! Great job mama raising active kids!