Friday, September 21, 2012

25.75K Run During 4K

Little Dude started 4K last week.  And, I'm off of work one day a week.  This gives me about 2 hrs and 45 mins to do something for myself, run errands, clean, etc.  With my marathons right around the corner, I'm in crunch-mode with my final long runs.  If I am organized and get out the door right away after he is dropped off at school, it's perfect.  I can run for 2-3 hrs and this will take one thing off of my plate for the weekend.  And, no one is missing me.

So, last night, I loaded up a cooler with my handheld water bottle, energy gels and a Diet Mountain Dew (for post-run), I synced my iPod and I layed out my running gear for the next morning.
I dropped Little Diva off at her school.  Then, I dropped Little Dude off at his at 8 am.  I left the Marathon Mommy Minivan at his school and left the parking lot on foot.  I ran for 2 hrs and 40 mins, as I zig-zagged across town.  This was one of the first times this fall that I've had to wear long sleeves.  It was wet, chilly and breezy.  I also rocked the knee-high socks with my running skirt.  I've missed them (been way to hot of a summer!). 
The clouds were getting dark and it started to sprinkle.  Why does this always happen when you are the furthest distance away from your destination?  I was more concerned about my iPod than myself getting watter-logged.  But, the sprinkles stopped - and they cooled me off.  I saw another Little Free Library on the other side of town.  Can't wait to take the kids there.  I enjoyed some neighborhood parks and also ran through an industrial area.  I even watched my footwork, as I went offroading, on a man-made path around a pond for a half mile.  Fun stuff! 
After consuming 4-5 bottles of water on my earlier HOT training runs this summer ... I barely went through one bottle this morning.   And, only one gel.  And, time went be so quickly  I could hardly believe it was 10:45 and time to pick him up.
I ended up running approximately 25.75K while he was at 4K ... or 16 miles.

After I picked him up -- he eagerly got his "homework" out (which is voluntary - but I'm not letting him know that.  He started completing it, during our drive to Starbuck's.  We both enjoyed warming up after our fun mornings.  His with a bunch of 4 year olds - Mine alone with my running shoes and my iPod.  He enjoyed his "coffe" - a hot chocolate.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Tall Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte.  I've already had five of these this season.  Heck, I've earned.


  1. such fun! I love getting my runs done when it doesn't take away from the kid time! And my post run treat has also been the pumpkin latte

  2. That is why I am an early morning runner so I dont miss out with my girls. And I can not believe yall are in long sleeves....we are still rocking shorts and tanks:)

  3. Very cute post! I'm in the same position. I have a first grader and a 3 day a week preschooler. I have a grande total of 2 hours and 15 min 3x's a week to do it all. Great job momma!