Monday, July 19, 2010

My First Triple ... & Half & Half Virtual Race Report

On Saturday night, I had set the alarm for 5:15 am, to get up for my planned 20 miler. I was also going to incorporate a half marathon virtual race, that was being hosted by Neurosis of the Stay at Home Mom of 3 (HERE).

Well, it appears that however more my kids sleep, the more I want to sleep. Yes, I turned the alarm off at 4am. When Little Dude was an infant and I was getting up all night long for feedings, I found it no big deal to get up at 5am on a Sunday afternoon for a 3-4 hour run, when I was training for my first full marathon. Now, they both typically sleep from 8:30pm-7:00am and I can't seem to open my eyes a minute earlier. Anyhow ....

The forecast was close to 90 degrees and humid and a little wind. Hubby had 12 mi planned and I had 20. We decided that we were both going to try to do a double. I headed out first around 10:00 am. I was going to cut my mileage short and run 6 mi in the morning at 6 mi in the evening.
  1. I headed out for my first six miles and ended up running ten. I made a turn around mile four that I knew would force me to do the few extra miles. I passed the bank clock around 11:15 am and it read 86 degrees. I was wasted and my legs were trashed even in the beginning. I felt exhausted and HOT when I arrived home.

    10 miles done

  2. Hubby headed outside for an hour of running. I fed the kids lunch and scarfed down two oranges, that I was really craving out on my run. Then I headed down to the treadmill with the kiddos for a 5K.

    + 3.1 miles done =
    13.1 miles done

    This completed Neurosis of the Stay at Home Mom of 3's Half & Half Virtual race (HERE).

  3. Around 7:30 pm, I decided to head out for another 6 miles. My legs actually felt much better than when I started out in the morning. They felt fresh and I felt a bit faster. My first mile was over 30 seconds faster than my first mile earlier in the day. I ran a four mile loop around my neighborhood, stopped home for some water outside, and decided to do a portion of the four mile loop again. I had completed another eight miles for the night.

    + 7 miles done =
    20.1 miles done

This was my first time doing a "triple". It was nice spreading the time commitment throughout the day. I don't think that I necessarily go the mental toughness that a typical 20 mile training run would have, but I did it. I could have cut the miles short several times. But, I kept my commitment to myself. I knew that if I returned home to my training plan on the refrigerator, that I would be disappointed if I hadn't complete all twenty miles I had planned. That's never a good feeling.

After (third) workout glow.


  1. Way to go, woman! I think a triple requires incredible mental toughness! So proud of you. Your rock!

  2. wow ur crazy!!!! that is totally insane and totally inspiring!

  3. Nice! But you are shorting yourself...13.1 + 8 is 21.1....AWESOME!

  4. Wow! 3 runs in a day. Just the time to shower after each one would make that undoable for me...except on snow days in the winter.

    ...after all that running I can see why you had trouble adding ;-)

  5. Wow! A triple! You go girl!

  6. wow...what a great effort.

  7. Wow, that's impressive! Great job getting all the miles in!

  8. Wow I am so proud of you!!!! 20 miles! And with babies- you are a dedicated woman. I love it- you inspire me to work harder! xoxo- D

  9. I wore my Bondi Band for the 2nd time tonight. I just don't look right in it. So I Googled "Bondi Band" images. (the site requires Flash and I can't get that on my phone - lame, Apple, lame)
    Anywho, did you know YOU come up on the 2nd page of images. Famous Bondi Band Girl you!!!
    WTG on the 20 miler!

  10. Way to go. I think you got some mental toughness because you kept going back at it until the miles were done. That's awesome!!!

  11. I saw the nod to you on the virtual race blogspot. Good job you!!!