Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pass Along Some Sunshine ....

Suzy at Running on My Time tagged me with the Sunshine Award. Thanks, Suzy!!
Now, I need to tag some friends that bring a little sunshine to my bloggy-world and let them know with a comment on their blog. These bloggers brighten my day. Check them out!!
Nicole, who I can't wait to meet in a two short weeks at WDW!!
*Bitch Cakes*, who's a WW'er gal that reminds me to count POINTS and always has great style
Catra at Dirt Diva, who is always on a (looong) adventure and I'm always impressed by her style and motivational posts
Sara at Running into the Sun, who's blog I've been following the longest (over two years!)
Chelsea, another Madison-area runner that can relate to looong winters
Rio, a blogger that I can relate to, mommy, middle-of-the-packer, that just wants to make some time for herself


  1. yay I feel special :-) countin down the days till our awesome running weekend! {:-)

  2. Thanks so much you made my day ;-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Love your background and blog too! :)

  4. Wow- thank you! This has really made my day!! :)