Monday, September 28, 2009

Race Report: Quad Cities Micro Marathon (Kids Race)

A few months back, when I signed up for my half marathon, I saw that they also offered a kids race and thought I'd sign Paige up since it was only $10. We definitely got our money's worth and she had a great experience. It was located in downtown Moline, just down from the John Deere Pavillion. She got a great goody bag, filled with all sorts of local donations and a t-shirt.

They offered a really nice pre-race party, which included a dance party, local celebrity characters from Nestle and Happy Joes, balloons, free face painting, free bouncy castles. There were also nice water fountains, that the kids could have enjoyed if the weather had been better that day.

They offered a 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and 1 mile race. The races were not based on age group, but based on the child's effort level. Paige chose "the middle one", which she felt comfortable with. They started each race one by one. The little toddlers were quite amusing in the first race, as several sat down in the middle of the rode, after they strutted for a few yards. Too cute!

For Paige's race they ran around a paved path and ended back at the start line. It was a nice short race, just enough for them to feel like they've accomplished something. Local "beauty queens" were there to sing the national anthem and hand out their finisher medals.

After the race, they also offered Happy Joe's pizza (which we tried out at a location in Davenport on Sunday -- yum!!!), Nestle Chocolate milk, water, Teddy Grahams, cookies and other goodies. The finisher ribbons were quite impressive as well. Paige had a blast!!

I think it was a great event for the little ones and was a great way to get them active and build self confidence through running

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  1. Big congrats to Paige! Happy to see a great big smile during the race!!!