Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting there ... one step at a time

My mileage for August was quite weak. However, apparently it did not effect my race this past weekend. My marathon time was quite comparable to previous experiences, when I strictly followed my training program. I'm CONVINCED that this sport is 99% mental, especially when you have the "been there; done that attitude".

August: 67.0 miles
Year to date Mileage: 803.7 miles

You may recall from an earlier post that I wanted to drop some weight. I didn't reach my goal. But, despite the lack of mileage, I've lost about four pounds!! We've been watching what we're eating and Jason's been trying to convince to me eat more whole/natural foods. As opposed to all of my "diet" foods. Light and Fat Free don't necessarily mean better for you. I'm trying to take note of what my body is trying to tell me and what makes me feel full and what just satisfies my cravings.

I'd still like to round out my weight loss to the ten pound mark, by my next half marathon at the end of September. I'm hoping that all of Jason's motivation with his final days of Ironman Training will rub off on me. And that I won't cave into (most of) my cravings

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