Thursday, September 15, 2016


This morning, I returned from my run in tears.  Sometimes you have good runs.  Sometimes you experience the bad.  This morning was just an emotional one for me. 
I was running my typical 5K route around my neighborhood.  The little one was sleeping in the jogging stroller.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect.  I was planning my day, goal-setting, soul-searching and contemplating opportunities in my head.  You know, the typical daily thoughts that go through a runner's head.  As I was circling back around at the half-way point, I approached an elderly gentleman.  I maneuvered the stroller to the side to let him pass.  As I approached him he smiled, then tipped his hat.  He said something and encouraged me to take out my head phones.
"What was that?", I asked, removing my head phones.
"You are setting a good example for your little one, there", he said.
(stunned) "Thank you.".
"She looks content.  She's going to be stronger one day because of you".
(jaw drops) "Why, thank you so much.".
"You both have a good day".
"We will.  Thank you.  Enjoy your walk.".

I immediately broke down in tears, as I logged my final mile home.  It touched me.  It moved me.  The run and the moment felt *right*. 
The day prior, I was wearing my Fellow Flowers Green Courage Tee at Target.
Three years ago, I was gifted the tee from Mel at Fellow Flowers.  Yes, *THE* Mel from Fellow Flowers.  She believed in me, as I was taking the steps to making Running Diva Mom legit, a reality and continuing to follow my passion towards helping others achieving goals.
As I was shopping for an anniversary card for my husband in Target, an elderly man approached me on his scooter.  He smiled at my daughter and started a conversation.

"Courage", he said.
"Oh ... yes.", I replied, as I realized that he was reading my shirt.
"Your daughter is sweet ... and her mama must have a lot of courage".
"Yes, I'd like to think that I do.", I replied.
"I am 92, can no longer walk, but I still am strong and have been courageous my whole life.  I could tell you stories of the war and the courageous battles we fought.  We were brave.  But I have fought courageous battles my whole life.  And I always survived.".
"Wow, I am sure you did.", I replied.
He went on to tell me what the Bible states about 'courage' and how much you need it throughout life.
He finished with, "You continue to be courageous and enjoy your little one."

As I contemplate and plan all of the paths that I am taking through life, I only see these two recent interactions as great signs of great things to come.  Either that, or there are only little-old-men and stay-at-home moms out-and-about on a Wednesday afternoon.

Be courageous.  Be brave.  Be you.


  1. Everything happens for a reason - I have been following your blog since almost day one - I think there are still blessing to come.