Monday, September 12, 2016

96 miles.

It's September 12.  Less than two weeks into the month.  This is my favorite time of year to be pounding the pavement.  I'm really feeling in my groove.  I'm not necessarily feeling fast.  But I'm feeling stronger.  Leaner.  And like my endurance is at it's best.  I have a number of big races coming up in October and November ... two marathons and two half marathons.
I just added up my mileage for the month of September so far.  And I had to add it up three times.  I thought I'd made a mistake.  96 miles.  96 miles??  96 miles!!  Just twelve days into the month.  Sometimes that is what I've ran an entire month previously.  96 miles. 
This week marks my eleven year running anniversary.  And before that I hadn't ran 96 miles in my entire life.  Just those one mile runs at the end of every year of high school.  That scared girl with low-self esteem.  She finished at the back of the pack.  Huffing and puffing.  Walking and wishing it was over.  No confidence.  Not knowing what she was capable of.
It just goes to prove what can be done with passion.  With goals.  With a plan.  With commitment.  With support.  With confidence.
And with smarts.  I'm taking tomorrow off.

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