Thursday, November 6, 2014

RDM Client Feature - Katie B

I thoroughly enjoy receiving emails from my former clients.  I love hearing about how life is after the whole couch to 5K experience.  Sometimes, they've accomplished something beyond their wildest dreams - like a 10K or half marathon.  Sometimes, they want to let me know that they've completed another 5K event.  Sometimes, they just need advice or some motivation to get going again.  Whatever the need is, I love hearing from one of the 600+ women that I've had the opportunity to cross paths with in the past few years.
Not everyone makes it through to week nine of the whole couch to 5K experience.  And even less are able to make running (or regular exercise) a part of their every day routine after the nine week program concludes.  It's tough to change habits and develop new ones.
Katie had difficulty attending the regularly-scheduled Wednesday evening class timeslot last spring.  Balancing work, family and time for yourself can be hard.  Even though she didn't make it to all nine classes earlier this year, she still kept that commitment to herself and her training runs were important to her.  She was able to supplement our group training runs with runs on her own.
Six months later, I received this email from Katie ... GO KATIE!!! ...
Dear Jamie -
Thought you'd like to know that I took the 5k vertical this weekend, climbing up the Sears tower in Chicago (2,109 stairs) this morning in 27 minutes!  I kept up the 30 minutes of running and practiced stairs at the Monona Terrace to train. Didn't have to stop the whole way up. Thanks for getting me started last May. 
- Katie B

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