Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good-bye, Good Friend ...

Dear Good Friend,
We've had an interesting relationship for the past several years.  After having two kids, caffeine became my friend.  You were a constant in my life.
Five years ago, I was enjoying soda three to four times per day (plus my daily intake of water).  Three years ago, due to financial constraints, I cut down to twice per day.  In the past six months, I followed the regular routine of three to four cups of coffee in the morning, switched to one can of DMD around 10:00 am and enjoyed it with my lunch.  Then, I was on to water the rest of the day.
Recently, I've been readjusting my life, my goals and my financial situation.  At $8.00 per case of DMD, I realized that you weren't only unhealthy, you were also costing me a pretty penny.
I have suffered with GI and IBS problems during the past ten years and I can't help but think that the bloating and stomach issues I've been experiencing could be partially related to you.  After a weekend with terrible discomfort and stomach problems, I knew that something needed to change.  So, I pondered.
It's the week of toeing the line of my eight marathon.  Could I really give you up?  Would I have enough energy?  Would I experience withdrawal?  After all, experts say not to do anything different the week before a big event.  So, I pondered some more.
Monday morning, I decided to give you up.  You aren't doing anything positive for me.  I have so many positive influences in my life.  And, I've been through (and conquered) so many difficult things in my life - a difficult divorce, a bad case of identity theft, completing seven marathons, and enduring childbirth without pain medication.  I surely could do this.  Just like running, taking the first step is the hardest.  Making the decision to do something and acting on it is more difficult than the act itself.
I still look forward to seeing you once in a while - like after a long run or race.  And, I will still enjoy my coffee in the morning.  Everything in moderation, right?  I'll enjoy seeing you when we meet again.  But, I know I don't need you in my life right now.
Good-bye, Good Friend,

Stay tuned for my updates on giving up soda and Diet Mountain Dew.

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