Thursday, December 12, 2013

Your dream is out there.

This past week, I had the opportunity to tour the American Family Dream Bank (HERE) for the first time, in Madison, Wisconsin.  I met with the manager, Anne, who I really enjoyed getting to know.  I had been in the running for the Dream Bank contest last winter, and passed by the storefront several times this year on the Capitol Square.  However, I never took the time to step inside ... until Friday.

The Dream Bank offers all sorts of resources, classes and advice to help you make your dreams come true, help you step outside of your comfort zone, help you learn something new.  It's an amazing resource the community.  And, I'm extremely excited to be apart of it.  They offer active sessions, resume classes, entrepreneurial classes, cooking classes - the list goes on and on.

Our Dreams Define Us.

Dreams. They are the most valuable things we will ever own. They are the embodiment of our hopes, goals and aspirations. They empower us, drive us and define us – as individuals and a nation – and the pursuit of our dreams is a part of what makes life rich and meaningful. American Family Insurance understands the power of dreams and we created DreamBank to celebrate their transformative power. At DreamBank you’ll find interactive tools, events and experts on staff to help you discover your dreams, engage with your community and get the encouragement and resources you need to pursue and protect them.

They also offer all sorts of amazing, FREE meeting space for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including a "kitchen" area.  It's an amazing, functional - and inspiring - workspace.  I felt like I was at home.  I was surrounded by handwritten words, quotes and dreams of other "dreamers".  I can't wait to share the space with potential clients - and my children.

I worked with Anne on scheduling our first (of hopefully several ongoing!) Couch to 5K class after the new year.  I will also be doing some speaking engagements at the DreamBank, to help get people active and running in 2014.  I cannot wait to share my passion and my dreams at the DreamBank!!  This is going to be such a great opportunity for all of us to work together on our goals next year.  Stay tuned after the new year, for dates and times for the spring DreamBank Couch to 5K class.

Check out the Dream Bank Events Calendar (HERE) for upcoming FREE sessions and classes.  Little Diva, Little Dude and I are attending all sorts of classes being offered for families over winter break.  We look forward to baking projects, craft projects and active sessions - for all three of us to enjoy together. 

The best part of achieving my dreams in 2014 is not only pursuing my passion; but having more time with these two special little people in my life.  After my meeting with the DreamBank, I was able to pick them up from school in the line of minivans, and then we went out for an after-school treat.  I was so excited to share with them many of the details of my new endeavors in 2014.  They know how important my dreams are to me and how much I've wanted to pursue them.  They also know how much I've wanted more time with them after school and during the summer.  Pursuing my dreams is going to afford me the opportunity to do this.  And I could not be more thankful for more moments like this.

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