Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monona Couch to 5K Fall 2013 Race Report

Last weekend, the latest group of Monona Couch to 5K runners crossed the finish line.  We trained together for nine weeks, with Monona's own Hoot Hoot Hustle (HERE) as their goal race.  We enjoyed the ever-changing fall weather - and gorgeous colors of autumn in Monona.  Fall is THE PERFECT running weather.

We started running together in early-September and finished with their race on Saturday, November 2.  I even had a couple of repeat members in this group - it's always fun to see them continuing or getting another jump-start to their program.  Five of the ladies opted to run the Hoot Hoot Hustle 5K and one ran the Hot Chocolate 5K in downtown Chicago.  We lost two members after our first week unfortunately.

With a sweet $15 race entry fee - and a nicerace shirt, this race is a great, affordable event.  I love small, local races.  Not to mention the great, family-friendly Winnequah Park, where the race starts and ends.  The fall colors were prime.  The route included a couple of hills, but we had practiced those in our group run leading up to the race.  I think that we got some of the nerves out in our practice race.  There was a nice party at the park shelter afterwards, complete with music, coffee and hot chocolate.

Everyone in the group knocked minutes off of their practice race time - finishing in 31-42ish minutes.  Some even brought family and friends along for the run - or to cheer them on.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with each of them and helping them reach their goals this fall.


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